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Commercial Vehicle Operations

Almost 90 percent of Maine’s freight tonnage is carried by commercial vehicles. The Office of Freight and Business Services (OFBS) recognizes the importance of motor carriers as the predominant mode of freight transportation in Maine. OFBS addresses its mission of promoting the safe and efficient flow of motor carrier freight transportation in both the regulatory and transportation planning activity areas.

On the regulatory side, OFBS advises and informs the Commissioner concerning commercial vehicle regulatory policies, including size and weight, safety, and taxation. OFBS provides the Department’s representative on regional and national highway transport groups, and analyzes motor carrier regulatory legislation proposed by the U. S. Congress and the Maine Legislature. The office frequently serves as MaineDOT’s liaison with other public sector agencies and the private sector on motor carrier issues.

OFBS’s motor carrier transportation planning role includes analysis of planning data such as weigh-in-motion data to determine the impact of motor carrier transportation on Maine’s highway infrastructure. The Office supervises studies that are designed to improve the flow of motor carrier freight transportation in the state and make such transportation safer.

For specific information about obtaining commercial vehicle registrations, permits, fuel decals, or other credentials, and for Maine truck size and weight limit information, please visit the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles Motor Carrier Services.

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This page last updated on 6/25/14