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Study Schedule

The Maine-NH Connections Study began in March 2009 and will be completed in June 2010. By October 2009, we will have identified which alternatives are feasible, allowing us to spend the remainder of the study conducting a more detailed evaluation of how the remaining alternatives will best serve the needs of the communities and the users.

The Connections Study timeline shown below is approximate and subject to change, especially in terms of meetings. Please go to meeting schedule for the most updated information on meetings and content.


April 2009
  • 1st Public Meeting
  • Data Collection

May, June, July 2009

  • Ongoing Data collection
  • Baseline Traffic Analysis
  • Travel Demand Model
  • Stakeholder Meeting
  • Develop Draft Purpose and Need Statement

August 2009

  • Bridge Inspection
  • Baseline Analysis Complete
  • 2nd Pubic Meeting

September 2009

  • Identify Range of Alternatives
  • Final Purpose and Need Statement
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis
  • States Stimulus Application Due
  • 3rd Public Meeting

October, November 2009

  • Ongoing Fatal Flaw Analysis

December 2009

  • Fatal Flaw Analysis Completed
  • Detailed Evaluation of Feasible Alternatives Begins
  • 4th Public Meeting

January, February 2010

  • Federal Stimulus Grant Decisions made
  • Ongoing Evaluation of Feasible Alternatives

April 2010

  • Identify Preferred Alternative
  • 5th Public Meeting

May, 2010

  • Evaluate Public Feedback on Preferred Alternative

June 2010

  • Draft and Final Report Completed
  • Section 4(f) Completed
  • 6th Public Meeting
This is a graphic of the study timeline



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