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MaineDOT Current News Releases

The Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) regularly issues News Releases to media outlets (newspapers, radio & television stations, etc.) throughout Maine. This page contains the releases issued by the Department during the past few months.

Date News Release
2/25/2015 Interstate Pile-up in Etna
2/20/2015 MaineDOT to “Talk Transportation”
2/18/2015 MaineDOT Officially Opens 66 Industrial Drive in Augusta
2/5/2015 Water Main Break in Bangor
1/26/2015 MaineDOT Recommends Essential Travel Only on Tuesday
1/21/2015 Haverill Bridge in Rumford to be Posted to Lower Weight Limit
1/13/2015 MaineDOT Rolls Out Three Year Work Plan
1/5/2015 Traffic Alert
10/24/2014 Paving Project in Windham
9/22/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
8/19/2014 Bridge Concrete Repair Work on Route 1 in Freeport
8/19/2014 Paving Project to Begin on Route 26 in Oxford
8/15/2014 Multi-Vehicle Accident on 295 in Portland
8/15/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
8/15/2014 Augusta Western Avenue Overpass to be Repaired
8/13/2014 Project Bids Received for Expansion of the International Marine Terminal
8/12/2014 Harrison Culvert Replacement Project Delayed
8/11/2014 Culvert Replacement Leads to Detour in Newcastle
8/8/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
8/8/2014 Culvert Replacement Project to Begin in Grafton Township
8/5/2014 Emergency Bridge Weight Limit imposed on Canal Bridge in Buxton-Hollis
8/5/2014 I-195 Ramps to be Closed This Week
8/4/2014 Culvert Replacement Project to Begin in Newcastle
8/4/2014 Culvert Replacement Project in Richmond
8/1/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
8/1/2014 Culvert Replacement in Carroll Plantation
8/1/2014 Three Day Inspection of the Androscoggin River Bridge in Peru-Mexico
8/1/2014 Overnight Repairs on the Bridge Street Bridge in Gardiner
8/1/2014 Culvert Replacement Project in Greene
7/31/2014 New Clair-Fort Kent International Bridge Officially Opened
7/31/2014 Paving Project to Begin on Route 115 in Yarmouth
7/31/2014 Paving Resumes in South Portland
7/30/2014 ***Date Correction***
7/30/2014 Mackworth Island Bridge Weight Restriction
7/29/2014 Two Day Ramp Closure on I-95 Northbound at Exit 133 in Fairfield
7/28/2014 Paving to Begin on Route 26 in Gray
7/28/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
7/28/2014 I-195 Off-Ramps to Close Monday Night
7/28/2014 Pavement Sealing Operation to Start in North Yarmouth
7/25/2014 Multiple Paving Projects to Begin in Rumford
7/25/2014 Hubbard Road in Berwick to be Closed
7/25/2014 Traffic Sensors to be Installed in Vassalboro
7/23/2014 Work to Begin on I-95 Northbound in Newport
7/22/2014 I-195 Off-Ramps to Close Wednesday Night
7/22/2014 Paving in South Portland at Two Locations
7/18/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
7/18/2014 Road Crack Sealing Operation on I-295 Southbound
7/18/2014 Culvert Replacement Project in Greene
7/17/2014 Route 173 in Lincolnville to Close for 28 Days
7/16/2014 Ramp Closures Scheduled for I-195 in Saco
7/15/2014 ACE Camp to Open in Portland and Bangor
7/15/2014 Hubbard Road in Berwick to Close
7/11/2014 Paving Operation in Falmouth to Restrict Traffic
7/11/2014 Culvert Replacement Project to Close Route 107 in Sebago
7/11/2014 I-195 Off-Ramps to Close Monday Night
7/10/2014 Traffic Backups Expected on I-95 Northbound in Augusta
7/2/2014 Paving to Start in Naples, Casco and Poland
7/2/2014 Overnight Paving on I-195 in Saco
7/2/2014 Paving Operations to Start in Western Maine
6/30/2014 Minor Delays Expected at Gorham Roundabout on Tuesday, July 1st
6/27/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
6/24/2014 Railroad Crossing Rehab in Orrington
6/20/2014 Full Reconstruction of Route 1 in Warren to Begin
6/20/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
6/18/2014 Deep Culvert Replacement in Harpswell
6/18/2014 Emergency Drainage Repairs in Farmingdale
6/18/2014 Cobb’s Bridge in New Gloucester to be Replaced
6/17/2014 Paving to Begin at Three Locations in Scarborough
6/13/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Schedule
6/13/2014 Highway Preservation Work in Northern Aroostook County
6/13/2014 Bangor I-95 Union Street Bridge Overnight Work Schedule
6/13/2014 Inspection of the Frank J. Wood Bridge in Brunswick-Topsham
6/13/2014 Vehicle Restrictions on the Fort Kent International Bridge
6/13/2014 Interstate 95 Overnight Paving Between Hampden and Bangor
6/10/2014 Full Reconstruction of River Road in Windham
6/9/2014 Work to Begin on I-95 Northbound in Newport
6/9/2014 Paving Operations to Start on Route 77 in Cape Elizabeth
6/6/2014 Union Street Bridge Replacement Construction Schedule
6/4/2014 Paving to Re-Start on Broadway in South Portland
6/3/2014 Paving of New Bridge Means Potential Traffic Delays at Martin’s Point
6/2/2014 Riverbank Stabilization in Berwick
5/30/2014 Overnight Paving on I-295 in Portland
5/28/2014 Paving Operation to Begin in Lebanon and Sanford
5/28/2014 MaineDOT to Begin Seasonal Vegitation Control
5/23/2014 Route 115 Bridge in Yarmouth to Get New Surface
5/21/2014 Inspection of the Frank J. Wood Bridge to Begin
4/9/2014 Joint Repair Work on I-95 Augusta Northbound
2/7/2014 Additional Openings for Casco Bay Bridge Planned
2/5/2014 State Offices to Close Wednesday Afternoon Due to Snow Storm
1/10/2014 Interstate 95 Bridge in Kittery Closed
1/6/2014 Penobscot Narrows Bridge is Open to Traffic
1/6/2014 MaineDOT Urges Caution Driving
12/30/2013 Penobscot Narrows Bridge Remains Closed
12/29/2013 Penobscot Narrows Bridge to Remain Closed Overnight
11/7/2013 Peru-Mexico Bridge Posted Weight Limit
10/25/2013 Drainage Work Begins Monday in Bar Harbor
9/6/2013 Update: I-295 Crash
9/6/2013 Overnight Paving on I-295 Continues Next Week
9/6/2013 Crash with injuries slows I-295 traffic in Portland
8/20/2013 New Gloucester Rail Track Safety Repairs to Start This Week
7/23/2013 Route 32 in Bremen to be Closed for 14 Days
7/12/2013 Paving to Begin on Route 202
6/21/2013 Brush Control to Begin
6/7/2013 Route 219 in Leeds to be Closed Through the Weekend
5/31/2013 Paving Project to Begin in Dixmont
10/15/2012 Naples Paving Along the Causeway
10/15/2012 Sewall’s Bridge in York to Close
10/15/2012 Traffic Sensors to be Installed in Skowhegan
10/10/2012 Stanley Brook Bridge Repairs
10/9/2012 Nighttime Ramp Closures Scheduled on I-295
10/9/2012 Exit 133 in Fairfield Closed Due to Paving
10/5/2012 Steep Falls Bridge Repairs
10/1/2012 I-95 Bangor Union Street Overpass Inspection
9/24/2012 Monmouth/Winthrop Culvert Replacements
9/21/2012 Construction on Route 1-Elm Street in Biddeford
9/20/2012 Readfield Railroad Crossing Forces Detour
9/20/2012 Clay Hill Bridge in Kennebunk Being Replaced
9/20/2012 Howland Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
9/20/2012 Trenton Construction Work Update
9/20/2012 Route 1 in Scarborough Slated for Intersection Improvements
9/18/2012 National “Don’t Text and Drive Day”
9/13/2012 Culvert Replacement in Norway Forces Detour
9/12/2012 Culvert Repair in Augusta
9/11/2012 Steep Falls Bridge Repairs
9/10/2012 Bangor Exit 186 to Close for Overnight Paving
9/10/2012 Railroad Crossing to be Repaired in Greene
9/10/2012 I-95 Traffic Sensors to be Installed in Carmel
9/7/2012 Section of Route 127 Closed Starting September 11th
9/6/2012 Nighttime Ramp Closures On For Congress Street
8/31/2012 Bridge in Milo Temporary Closed
8/31/2012 Portion of Route 201A in North Anson to Close
8/31/2012 New Traffic Pattern for State Street in Augusta
8/29/2012 All Ramps To Portland I-295 Northbound Are Now Re-Opened
8/29/2012 Exeter Road Closure Expected Next Week
8/28/2012 US Route 1 in Stockton Springs To Close Overnight
8/27/2012 Steep Falls Bridge Inspection
8/27/2012 Mexico-Peru Bridge Closure
8/23/2012 Frank J. Wood Bridge Joint Repair
8/21/2012 I-95 Northbound On and Off Ramp Overnight Paving
8/20/2012 Culvert Replacement in Gouldsboro
8/17/2012 Culvert Replacement Work in Fryeburg
8/17/2012 US Route 1A in Hampden Opens Ahead of Schedule
8/17/2012 I-295 Overnight Paving Between Freeport and Brunswick
8/17/2012 Frank J. Wood Bridge Safety Inspection
8/15/2012 York Bridge Back Open to Traffic
8/14/2012 Road and Intersection Improvements Begin on Routes 3 and 230 in Trenton
8/10/2012 Intersection Safety Improvements in Newburgh
8/9/2012 Road Closure on US Route 1A in Hampden
8/8/2012 Paving Project in Scarborough and Arundel/Kennebunkport
8/7/2012 Major Traffic Detour Planned for Bangor/Brewer (map attached)
8/3/2012 I-95 Southbound Ramps Paved From Bangor to Etna
8/3/2012 I-295 Traffic Sensors Being Installed
8/2/2012 Paving on US Route 17 from Jefferson to Augusta
8/2/2012 Culvert Replacements in Buckfield/Hebron
7/31/2012 Culvert Replacement on US Route 197 in Richmond
7/30/2012 Culvert Replacements in Bristol
7/26/2012 Maine State Ferry Service Adjusts Capacity
7/26/2012 North Yarmouth Culvert Repair
7/25/2012 Overnight Paving on I-95 in Clinton
7/23/2012 Durham Public Meeting on US Route 136
7/20/2012 Buxton Culvert Repair Work
7/19/2012 Striping To Start On Maine Highways
7/19/2012 Brewer Signal Light Upgrades
7/18/2012 Casco Bay Bridge Closes Travel Lane Northbound For One Hour
7/17/2012 Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Weekend Closing Times Adjusted
7/17/2012 Culvert Rehabilitation In Winslow
7/13/2012 Maine Receives Federal Emergency Highway Funds
7/13/2012 Culvert Rehabilitation In Winslow
7/13/2012 Culvert Replacement In Arundel
7/12/2012 Madawaska Paving Begins Monday, July 16
7/12/2012 Route 9 In West Gardiner-Litchfield Set To Open Ahead Of Schedule
7/10/2012 West Gardiner-Litchfield Culvert Repair Closes Road
7/9/2012 Road Work On Route 1A In Hampden
7/6/2012 MaineDOT Starts Annual Roadside Brush-Control Program
7/6/2012 Traffic Sensors To Be Installed In Augusta And Winthrop
7/6/2012 Cross Pipe Replacement in Levant
7/6/2012 I-95 Paving Work To Begin July 8th
7/5/2012 Ferry Service Resumes Normal Schedule On Friday
7/3/2012 Ferry Service Interruptions
7/2/2012 Emergency Culvert Repairs in Pittston Finished Ahead of Schedule
7/2/2012 Sarah Mildred Long Bridge To Close For Safety Repairs
6/27/2012 Emergency Culvert Repair in Pittston
6/27/2012 Topsham Park and Ride Lot Now Open
6/22/2012 Presumscot River Bridge Repairs Set For Sunday Night
6/22/2012 Traffic Restricted on Route 136 in Durham
6/22/2012 Traffic Sensors To Be Installed In Augusta And Winthrop
6/22/2012 Brewer-Orrington Road Work Starts Sunday Night
6/22/2012 Paving Work To Start In Gorham and Scarborough
6/20/2012 I-295 Bridge in Portland-Falmouth Reduced To One Lane
6/19/2012 TIGER Grant Awarded for Rumford Bridge
6/15/2012 Songo Locks Swing Bridge Closed Again This Weekend
6/14/2012 Paving In Durham
6/14/2012 Accident on I-295 in Portland Detours Traffic
6/13/2012 Van Buren Road Construction
6/8/2012 Paving Project Continues in Hollis
6/7/2012 Songo Locks Swing Bridge Closed This Weekend
6/6/2012 Paving to Resume on Route 302 in Naples
6/6/2012 Buxton-Hollis Bridge Inspection
6/1/2012 Lewiston-Auburn Bridge Inspection
5/30/2012 Underground Utility Work Continues on Westbrook Bridge
5/29/2012 I-295 Northbound at Exit 8 Will Open By 5PM
5/29/2012 I-295 in Portland Exit 8 Closed
5/23/2012 Swing Bridge is Gone, Paving Continues
5/18/2012 Bay of Naples Bridge Celebration
5/16/2012 Reconstruction Of Route 201 In Farmingdale Enters Final Stages – Grading and Paving Scheduled For This Weekend
5/16/2012 Traffic Counting in Boothbay
5/16/2012 Bradford Culvert Replacements Start May 21st
5/9/2012 Veterans Memorial Bridge Closed Thursday Night
5/8/2012 Augusta Memorial Bridge Work Begins
5/8/2012 MaineDOT Urges Caution Around Pavement Stripers
5/8/2012 I-95 Road Work Underway
5/7/2012 Acadia Gateway Administrative and Maintenance Facility Ribbon Cutting
5/2/2012 Penobscot Narrows Observatory Opens for the Season
5/1/2012 I-295 Project Calls for Overnight On/Off Ramp Closings This Week At Forest Avenue Interchange
4/26/2012 Maine is Working This Summer!
4/23/2012 Bridges Closed Due To Flooding
4/19/2012 Final Stages Of Construction On Route 201 In Farmingdale To Begin April 23 – Completion Expected By June 30
4/19/2012 I-295 Closure Tonight
4/9/2012 Route 11 in Ashland Detoured
4/9/2012 Road Work on Route 219 in Leeds Begins Today
4/5/2012 Route 196 in Topsham Closed
4/5/2012 Westbrook Bridge Utility Work Begins Friday, April 6th
3/29/2012 I-395/Route 9 Transportation Study, Open Houses and Hearing Dates Set
3/26/2012 Temporary Barrier To Be Installed On Sarah Mildred Long Bridge
3/26/2012 Interstate 295 Northbound’s Congress Street and Park Avenue's On-Ramps to Close March 27

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