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Statistical/Demographic Information




  • Transportation Services Index
    An economic indicator designed to measure the performance of the economy as reflected in the movement of freight and passenger traffic by land, water, and air.


Fatalities, Crashes, and Injuries

Finance and Funding for Transportation



  • Statistics Canada:
    Includes statistics on construction, population and demography, transportation, travel, as well as other categories.
  • European Road Statistics 2012:
    Covers European transportation-related economic info; infrastructure facts, modes of transportation, freight states, passenger stats, fatalities, safety, environmental aspects, etc.


  • National Transportation Statistics
    This document contains statistics on the U.S. transportation system, highlighting its physical structures and the nation’s inventories of airplanes, vessels, etc.; travel; safety; transportation and the economy; pollution; energy use; and security. Link to the entire current document and previous issues here.
  • State Transportation Statistics
    State statistics on infrastructure (miles of public roads; tolled facilities; number of road bridges and their conditions; motor bus transit mileage; rail transit; airports and heliports; freight railroad numbers; water ports and waterways); safety (helmet use; fatalities); freight (shipments; top cargo ports, cargo airports; incoming trucks/rail); travel (commuters; licensed drivers; transit and train; incoming in most modes; overseas travelers to US cities); vehicles numbers and vehicle miles traveled; economy and environment
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States-Transportation, 2012
  • Pocket Guide to Transportation
    A national comprehensive look at transportation, with historical information. Includes facts on safety and security; water, air, and rail transportation; pipelines; passenger and freight miles; economics; environment, etc.



  • Transit Statistics
    Contains statistics on transit topics. Includes bus, trolleys, rail, ferries, paratransit, and vanpools, and energy/environment facts.



Waterborne Transportation

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