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Interagency Q & A and Facts

  • Background
    The MaineDOT monthly Interagency Meeting was established in 1990 as a meeting to discuss project specific permitting issues with State and federal resource and regulatory agencies. Since the meeting’s inception it has grown to include planning studies, the National Environmental Policy Act process and review, the Army Corps of Engineers Highway Methodology review, and other State and federal permitting issues. The meeting provides a format for streamlining these processes and allows for early coordination and problem solving.
  • Who Attends?
    • The federal regulatory agencies: Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Authority, Federal Aviation Administration when applicable, U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service.
    • The State regulatory agencies: Department of Environmental Protection, Land Use Regulation Commission, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Atlantic Salmon Commission, Department of Marine Resources, Maine Historic Preservation Commission, and the Natural Areas Program.
    • Project Sponsors and Applicants:
      • MaineDOT: Bureaus of Planning, Project Development, Maintenance and Operations, Environmental Office, Offices of Freight and Passenger Transportation.
    • Consultants for Project Sponsors.
    • Municipal Officials for airports under their jurisdiction.
    • On occasion, interested municipal representatives attend when a project of interest in their community is being discussed.
  • When/Where are Interagency Meetings Held?
    The Interagency Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Main Conference Room at MaineDOT Headquarters Office in Augusta. On occasion, the meetings are cancelled due to lack of agenda items or attendee conflicts. Changes in schedule are forwarded to the Interagency Meeting Email Contact List.
  • How do I get on the Interagency Meeting Email Contact List?
    Please contact the MaineDOT Environmental section and ask to have your add your name and contact information to the Interagency Meeting Email Contact List.
  • What is the Purpose of the Meeting?
    The purpose of the meetings is to provide relevant detailed information to the federal and State resource and regulatory agencies to aid in streamlining project reviews through the National Environmental Policy Act permitting and Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) Highway Methodology process (including mitigation, standards, and conditions). The agencies provide comments and specific guidance at critical points in the project development process.
  • How do I get a Project on the Agenda?
    Every month an Interagency Presentation Request Form is sent, via email, to the Interagency Email Contact List which includes all MaineDOT Project Managers. It is their responsibility with support from Environmental Office Team Leaders to request time on the agenda to present a project at the Interagency Meeting. Request Forms and other relevant information must be submitted to the Interagency Meeting Manager at least two weeks prior to the scheduled Interagency Meeting.
  • How do I Prepare for the Meeting?
    The Project Team is responsible for preparing a clear objective for their presentation to the agencies. The Project Team must articulate the project status and present appropriate information and data to reach the goals of their presentation. The Project Team should anticipate what the agencies will need to make decisions or give guidance. Maps, plans, detailed resource data, and powerpoints are some of the tools used for successful presentations. At least a week in advance of the Meeting, these types of materials should be sent to the Interagency Meeting Manager who will send them to the agencies. This allows the agencies to become familiar with the project and issues.
  • What Kind of Support can be provided from the MaineDOT Staff?
    The MaineDOT Environmental Office staff will help guide presentations when requested.
    The MaineDOT Project Manager is responsible for requesting time on the agenda to make a presentation, and for leading the presentation. Consultants must work through the Project Manager for Interagency Presentations.
  • How are Interagency Meetings Recorded?
    Environmental Office staff take notes and post them to the MaineDOT Environmental Office web site.
  • For more information about the MaineDOT Monthly Interagency Meeting please contact one of the following MaineDOT Environmental Office staff at 207-624-3100 :
    • Rhonda Poirier, Environmental Specialist III
    • David Gardner, CPD Unit Manager
    • Judy Gates, Environmental Office Director

This page last updated on 10/26/12