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Highway Simplification Study

The “Highway Simplification” study was created by the Legislature in early 2009 under LD 333 and enacted as PL 2009, Chapter 413. It requires the MaineDOT to work with other stakeholders to “study the current systems for classification of public highways and related responsibilities to determine whether they can or should be simplified in ways that improve customer service, improve investment decisions, apply standards appropriate to the road, leverage the ability to deliver improvements at a lower cost and generally result in the most overall benefit to the most travelers for each dollar spent.”

The first meeting of MaineDOT, MMA, and 50 municipal officials occurred on October 15, 2010 in Augusta. Over the next 13 months, one Policy Committee and two Subcommittees made up of a majority of municipal officials met every month to come up with a final set of recommendations. Several larger meetings were also held for municipal officials at the MMA Building in Augusta. A Final Report written by MaineDOT in January, 2011 is now available.

This Report was delivered to the Transportation Committee on January 25, 2011 and their response will determine what action, if any, will take place in the future.

View a March 2011 story in the “Maine Trails” magazine about this study
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