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Problem and Vision Statements

Problem Statement

The section of Route 1 through Thomaston is a highly traveled corridor of regional economic significance. It is particularly busy during the summer months due to the higher population levels and increased tourism. The roadway within the project limits often experiences conflicts among trucks, cars, pedestrians and bicyclists, creating unsafe conditions for all transportation users.  Exacerbating these safety concerns is that vehicles often travel at speeds higher than the posted speed limit as drivers transition from rural to residential to the downtown areas.
Within the project limits there is a historic downtown, a village green, a proposed mixed-use development, a library, several churches, a post office and multiple schools, all of which are walkable, bikeable and drivable destinations. Existing sidewalks are functionally inadequate for pedestrians as they are poorly constructed and maintained, are poorly placed, narrow, adjacent to dangerous drainage ditches, do not provide sufficient connectivity to destinations and are not Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible. In addition, the limited number of crosswalks provides insufficient connections for pedestrians and they are a safety hazard due to poor visibility, lack of maintenance and driver inattention. All of these factors and the lack of shoulders cause pedestrians to walk in the vehicle travel way. The lack of shoulders also creates a safety hazard for bicyclists and vehicles as they are all forced to use the same travel way. The dangerous conditions are compounded at certain heavily trafficked intersections of Route 1: Beechwood/Knox Street (including the post office entrance and exit), Oyster River Road, Wadsworth Street, Fish Street and High Street.

This section of Route 1 has drainage issues that create hazards, such as ice on the roadway and the sidewalks, the unsightly buildup of debris and puddling on the road, as well as washouts that can damage both residential property and the road itself. The current drainage solutions, such as ditches along the side of the roadway, are inadequate, poorly maintained, present safety concerns and are aesthetically displeasing.

Vision Statement

The Thomaston Route 1 corridor will safely and efficiently meet the needs of both the regional through traffic and the local transportation users. The infrastructure of Route 1 will support all modes of transportation using the system, including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists as well as the economically important freight industry. Accounting for the safety of these users will enhance the vitality of this major economic thoroughfare.

As the gateway to the Penobscot Bay region, Thomaston will welcome travelers to its historic downtown and mall area, which feature a unique abundance of historic and architecturally significant homes and buildings. The roadway will maintain the historic and aesthetic village character of the town while providing a modern transportation corridor that allows for enhanced bicycle and pedestrian connectivity within the community, slows regional through traffic to posted speed limits and creates a safer environment for all modes of transportation.


This page last updated on 9/14/11