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Policy on Hiring An Engineering Firm

The Department has recently decided to limit the maximum amount that the Department will participate in for reimbursement. After reviewing the actual costs for about 100 municipal buildings, the Department will not participate in any costs over $15,000. It was apparent in several locations that municipalities were being charged for engineering site visits and materials testing that were either unnecessary or above the “normal” frequency.

This does not mean that $15,000 is available for engineering--- it means that the Department has the right to review the plans and design of the facility and will reimburse a municipality for all reasonable engineering and testing costs up to $15,000. As of the year 2001, typical engineering costs range from a low of about $1,500 to less than $15,000.

The following is a list of items or "services" which would be included as “engineering” or testing costs.

  • Topographic survey
  • Site review and evaluation
  • Subsurface investigation
  • Develop existing site plan
  • Public meetings
  • Structure Evaluation and Selection
  • Field reviews of other buildings
  • Preliminary Design
  • Site Plan Review
  • Permits
  • Foundation Design
  • Building Design
  • Electrical Design
  • Design Plans
  • Contract Document Development & Printing
  • Bidding/Advertising Services/Bond submissions
  • Bid Opening & Analysis
  • Contract Administration Services
  • Construction Inspection Services
  • Limited Materials Testing (soils, concrete, pavement, building materials, etc.)
  • Post Construction Inspection and Documentation

This page last updated on 6/27/13