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Eligible Expenses

Before a municipality can be considered for reimbursement of the State share of all eligible costs, a municipality must submit the following documentation, as specified under Department policy and State law, Title 38, Section 451-A, subsection 1-A:

  1. a copy of the signed contract for construction of the building,

  2. final construction plans showing the design capacity of the building and certification (stamp) by a State of Maine licensed Architect or Professional Engineer,

  3. a final inspection report or letter from a State of Maine licensed Architect or Professional Engineer (with stamp) documenting that the completed facility meets its intended purpose (groundwater protection) and that it meets all applicable building codes and other regulations,

  4. a copy of all bills paid, or warrant articles, or canceled checks which explains or denotes the product, service, etc. provided for the facility,

  5. a letter from the municipality requesting reimbursement.

All documentation should be forwarded to:

MaineDOT, Community Services Division, Station 16, Augusta ME 04333-0016, Attn: Peter M. Coughlan

Eligible expenses for State cost-sharing will be limited to:

  • The actual cost of the architectural and engineering services for the design and construction of a facility to contain the sand/salt pile, or to control runoff and infiltration from the storage pile

  • The cost of any grading required within 25 feet of the facility necessary for the structural strength of the facility

  • The construction cost of the actual facility. This does not include the cost of any work necessary to provide a suitable site for construction of the facility, such as utility extensions, entrance roads, or site clearing beyond the 25 ft. limit from the building.

  • The construction costs of 2500 sq. ft. paved areas at the entrance(s) to a facility.

The MaineDOT, by law, cannot participate in any land acquisition or debt service required as part of this facility construction program.

ALSO, if your municipality has received any State funds from the 1991-1992 Jobs Bond OR from the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), the MaineDOT cannot reimburse a municipality or county for that portion of construction expenses paid for with this grant money. In other words, the MaineDOT will subtract any grant money from the total eligible costs of a sand/salt building before it applies the State cost share to the remaining balance.


This page last updated on 6/27/13