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Contracting for Snow & Ice Control

When a municipality depends on a private contractor to provide winter maintenance duties, be sure to review your contracts and include the following ten key points:

  • All parties to the contract must be identified.
  • The contract must have a start and stop date.
  • The contract must specify the services to be performed.
  • The contract must identify the location where services will be performed.
  • The contract must state when services are to begin, (example: at 1" of accumulation).
  • The contract must state who is responsible to perform follow up inspections and who is responsible for melt and freeze.
  • The contract must state the cost of services.
  • The contract should clearly identify any insurance requirements.
  • The contract should clearly specify any defense and indemnification responsibility.
  • The contract must be signed by all parties to the contract.
  • Making sure these provisions are clearly stated in your contracts could possibly save thousands of dollars in legal fees in the case of litigation for failure to provide services and other breach of contract claims.


This page last updated on 1/9/13