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Heavy Loads and Local Roads in Maine: Permanent Signing Information

This is a graphic showing a road signFor permanent posting, better known as “No Thru Trucks”, it is necessary to develop local rules which define the meaning and purpose of this sign.

Usually, the purpose of these signs is to stop trucks from using this road as a shortcut or an alternate to avoiding traffic lights or built-up areas. It may be worth considering the creation of a “truck route” which is a positive step in providing clear direction to larger vehicles rather than a prohibitive motion that relies on enforcement which may or may not be readily available in a given municipality.


Regulatory signs should be posted at each end of each road which the Town wants to restrict heavy vehicles. Where one road passes between two towns, it is highly recommended to work with the adjacent town to either jointly post the entire road or not at all. This eliminates the possibility of a driver suddenly seeing posting signs at the town line and wondering if he should turn around or continue on while in possible violation of a local ordinance. The actual signs must be rectangular black lettering-on-white and be at least 24 by 30 inches.

Depending on the local ordinance wording, the sign could refer to “trucks” or “axles” or a designated weight. If the sign refers to “Trucks”, then your ordinance needs to define a “truck”……. does it mean only tractor trailers, or commercial vehicles over 26,000 lbs, or 2 or 3 axle delivery trucks, or simply a Ford F-150 ? If the sign refers to “axles”, that’s rather definitive and can be counted easily on any truck. If the sign refers to “GVW” or a specific weight like “7 tons”, then it should be referring to the registered gross vehicle weight.

As a comment about using the word “Thru” on a sign, it should be clear that the intent is to regulate heavy trucks that are using this road more as a shortcut from one end to the other rather than using it to access homes or a delivery or pickup point along the road.

This page last updated on 1/9/13