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Road Management

Road System Management Software (RSMS11) for Maine Towns

This new-and-much improved software was introduced on a very limited basis in October 2010 to several towns who attended a training session in Augusta and Farmington.  Those towns and our staff worked over the Winter and Spring to make small changes to the Program and add the gravel management module.  As of August, 2011, the final version was released through statewide workshops.  It focuses on both paved and gravel roads and was designed to meet the needs of small to large towns with a particular focus on keeping it simple, simple, simple…….but powerful.  The original RSMS software, which was introduced in Maine in 1990, has been completely rewritten from scratch and this new version is very user-friendly.  However, the concepts of the program plus the inventory and condition survey formats are very similar.

The new RSMS Users Group website can now be found at  along with much more information.

To understand and use the new Program, it is highly recommended to take the training program, however, it is not critical.  The RSMS11 course was developed and presented by the Maine Local Roads Center to meet the growing demand for a training program which explains the road surface management process in straight-forward, easy to understand terms to town officials and road people in local communities throughout Maine and the rest of the country. The training manual covers many subjects including the software users guide, identifying distresses, and the overall concept of road management.

It was originally introduced to Maine municipalities in 1990 and many, many towns/cities have used RSMS to "defend" their road maintenance budgets. It is common to find road budgets which leveled off or increased in many Maine towns because of the presence of a "system" for road work.

The actual data collection method used for this software includes:

1. How to inventory a Town's entire local road network,
2. How to do road surface condition surveys and record the data,
3. How to interpret the surface distress information gathered, and
4. How to arrange the findings into a form that is useful to local decision makers who must produce fundable road maintenance programs.

The methodology and software for this system is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of all users in a simple, direct, and easily applied manner. The goal is to identify which road maintenance techniques should be considered for individual roads or streets in a particular local street network.

The system is generic and is simply a tool to manage a local road network. Its optimum value is when a town "customizes" the system with its own repair techniques and local costs.

"RSMS 11" should give town officials the knowledge to plan and carry out road management practices applicable to their own specific needs.

The RSMS software will run on the following operating systems: "Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7; 32 or 64 bit".  Also included is a Workshop Notebook. The cost structure is as follows:
Maine municipalities:  $75.00
All other public agencies:   $150
Private agencies:  $300 

A limited version of the program is now available at and it will allow anyone to download and use the software for up to 10 roads.  On September 6, 2011, the full program will be available to download from this site.  We will have a system that you will need to contact us from the actual computer that you will be using it on and then we will give you a code for a complete download once we receive your payment.

If you wish to order this manual, please visit the publications page.

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