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Basic Municipal Paving Specifications

Please Note: This sample set of specifications should be reviewed by the Legal Counsel of the municipality before actual use. These specifications focus more on the technical aspects of specifying paving operations rather than the legal aspects. Sole responsibility for the performance and ultimate quality of the paving rests with the municipality. In addition, there are probable sections of this sample which need to be adjusted to fit local preferences.

It is also important to realize that these specs have been modified in 2001 to reflect recent changes in MaineDOT paving operations and the terminology used for hot bituminous pavement materials. The term “Superpave” has been removed from the bid documents and should only be used in relation to the design process and not the product. Because the term “Superpave” can be misleading and imply a “super” product, when it can be very similar to the former products of “B” or “C” or “D” mix (designed under the Hveem method), this model reflects those changes. It is imperative to realize that the ONLY State-approved mixes are Superpave designs and that any current “D”, “C”, or “B” mixes are strictly private designs.

Basic Municipal Paving Specifications

  • Paving Specification Document (Word) (PDF)


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