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Paving Checklist for a Municipal Paving Contract

  • Town name
  • Location Map
  • Road Names & detailed descriptions of job limits
  • Road length and widths (as accurately as possible)
  • Description of materials (DOT Type of HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt), # layers, thicknesses (compacted), etc.)
  • Accurate estimate of mix noted in bid? (using 110 lbs./sq. yd./1 inch thick)
  • Reference to MDOT specs for: materials, equipment, surface prep, laydown procedures, sampling, weather limitations
  • Shim neccessary prior to paving?
  • Tack coat or not? Type? Rate?
  • Bonds? (bid, payment, performance, maintenance)
  • Retainage?
  • Insurance minimums?
  • Liquidated damage amount?
  • Hold harmless/indemnification clause?
  • Municipal liability insurance not more than $400,000
  • Warranty?
  • Bid notice wording to "accept or reject any and all bids"?
  • Who's responsible for traffic control? Contractor? Town? Joint effort? Had any training in traffic control?
  • Statement that all work zone devices & setups shall conform to the standards in latest MUTCD.
  • Will Town do surface prep prior to contractor arrival? Ditching necessary? Culverts?
  • Statement that road will be ready for paving by certain date and all work must be completed by a certain date.
  • Any sidewalks, parking lots, curbs to be paved?
  • Any catch basins or manholes to be adjusted?
  • Cross-slope of 1/4" per foot-of-lane width noted?
  • What services will municipality provide, if any? Trucking? Flaggers?
  • Who's in charge from municipality?
  • Provision for sampling, testing, inspecting?
  • Anyone to monitor work? Document?
  • Who's going to "accept" the work prior to payment?
  • "Unit price" per ton will include hauling and placing material, traffic control, preparatory sweeping, mobilization, etc.
  • Payment arrangements
  • Make it clear that side jobs (i.e. private driveways) are not part of the town's contract. Include a "hold harmless/indemnification" clause to protect Town from "private problems".
  • Striping necessary? Who'll do it? How soon after paving? Correct width and colors per MUTCD?
  • Contractor name, address, phone, and signature?


This page last updated on 1/9/13