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Design Standards for Local Roads

Any modern public road in Maine should be built to certain minimum standards that consider the traffic volume, type and size of This is a picture of a roadvehicles, presence of pedestrians or bicycles, and overall safety to all road users.

  • For Subdivisions roads:  
    The Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission (SMRPC) developed a set of “Model Subdivision Regulations” in the 90’s and they were updated in 2007.  They are primarily for subdivision design and review and can be found here:
  • For low volume local roads:
    AASHTO has a manual entitled “Guidelines for Geometric Design of Very Low-Volume Local Roads (ADT ≤ 400), 1st Edition” .  This very handy manual references recommended ranges of values for dimensions such as road widths, horizontal and vertical alignments, sight distances, etc.  The manual can be found here and costs $60, however, the Center has a copy if you ever wanted to review it first or needed specific information:

The Center has also developed a road “cross section” that graphically shows the “desirable minimum dimensions” of a low volume local road.

This page last updated on 1/10/13