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Below are listed the current publications that the Maine Local Roads Center has avaiable for download or purchase.

Maine Municipal Association (MMA) articles on roads and public works

MLRC Newsletters

List of Previous Maine Local Roads Center newsletter articles

  • Roll out the barrels... but not onto the centerline! (Word) (PDF)
  • Crack Sealing Alert! (Word) (PDF)
  • Driveways, entrances, and sight distances (Word) (PDF)
  • Maintaining Private Roads "Not with Public Funds" (Word) (PDF)
  • Tire Chips for road construction (Word) (PDF)
  • Snowplowing and CDL’s (Word) (PDF)
  • Yankee Ingenuity: low cost inventions by municipal officials (Word) (PDF)
  • State maintained bridges and town pavement don’t mix (Word) (PDF)
  • What is a "Capital Improvement" (Word) (PDF)
  • New MDOT Policy on these signs (Word) (PDF)
  • Why Your Municipality Should Join "Dig Safe (Word) (PDF)
  • Public works projects and engineers -- does our Town need to hire an engineer for "big" projects. (Word) (PDF)
  • Outlawing SAND for winter use ????? (Word) (PDF)
  • How to Manage your Road Signs (Word) (PDF)
  • Contracting for Road Work (Word) (PDF)
  • Saving Money and Sand in a Small Town (Word) (PDF)
  • Maintaining Local Bridges (Word) (PDF)
  • Maine's new "Adopt A Highway" Program (Word) (PDF)


These Publications are free upon request (except as noted). Multiple items may be chosen. Note: the following three publications can be purchased by Credit Card or Check by calling the MDOT Mailroom at 207-624-3220 or downloaded as indicated.

  • Maine DOT's Standard Specs for Highway and Bridges free on line December 2002 Update or Hard copy (Price:$10 if picked up in office, $13 if mailed)
  • MDOT Standard Details free on line or Hard copy (Price: $20 if picked up in office, $25 if mailed)
  • MaineDOT BMP's for Erosion Control free on line or Hard copy ($9 if picked up in office, $13 if mailed)
  • MUTCD Manual
    • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for Streets and Highways: Part I, V and VI only; 2003 Edition, mini book. (Price is $10.00 picked up in office) Tel. 624-3270

Free Publications (PDF Document)

The following link is a list of publications that are free upon request (except as noted). Please indicate the number of copies to the left of the title.

Video Library - Free Videos Loaned from Maine Local Roads Center.

  • New Videos
    • Maint./Operations
      • Meeting the Challenge (MO-21): is meant to provide instruction on proper gravel road maintenance techniques, either as a stand-alone tutorial or as an instructor’s tool to introduce the topics. DVD format only- 22 minutes - you can also view clips of this video (note you need a high speed internet connection for this) at Minnesota LTAP website:
      • The Changing Strategies & Technologies of Snowfighting (MO-48) - (This 20 minute, four part video presents research MaineDOT has done with: Road Weather Information Systems, Salt Brine making and use, Salt placement - Centerline vs. Wheel path and Bounce & Scatter. " 7 types of spreaders control tested").
    • Safety/Traffic
      • Digging Dangers V; Taking the Offensive (ST-18) - This video provides excavators the steps to take to avoid damaging underground lines. Working around "marked" lines is discussed as well.
      • Seeing is Believing: Safety Exposing Buried Utilities(ST-19) - Ok, the utilities are marked, now how do I safety and efficiently and cost effective ways in damage-free digging. Vacuum systems, trench & trenchless systems as well as hand digging is presented.
  • Video Tapes

These videotapes (½ " VHS format) are available at no charge for in-house training from the Maine Local Roads Center. If you have access to a VCR, we will loan you a maximum of two tapes per request for a TWO-WEEK PERIOD.

  •  DVD's

Newer videos are available in DVD format and are loaned out same as video tapes above you will need to have a DVD player to view.

Ordering Information

Please include your Name, Address, Municipality and Telephone Number for your order.  You can order your selections by: phone 207-624-3270, 1-800-498-9133, Fax 207-624-3301, email or mail  to: Maine Department of Transportation, Bureau of Planning, Community Services Division, 16 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0016

MaineDOT Research Reports


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