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Local Road Inventory Updating

Having an accurate public road inventory is important for all 489 organized towns, cities, and plantations plus 3 Indian Nations, and 10 of Maine’s 16 counties. This road inventory directly affects:

  • Local Road Assistance Program (formerly URIP) payment amounts from MaineDOT
  • Road maps from DOT and E-911 offices because they will be more up-to-date and accurate
  • Staff time of municipal and state employees
  • Emergency service response

Since the early 80’s, the MaineDOT has been active in soliciting towns for changes in their local road inventories as new roads were built or extended, or roads were discontinued/abandoned, or the number of lanes changed. We would typically review about 125 towns/cities per year so most communities were reviewed over a 4 to 5 year cycle. Over 125 maps were generated every year, mailed, edited by town officials, returned to DOT, analyzed for changes, and then entered into the inventory system. This process was very labor-intensive.

At the same time, the E-911 office of MeGIS would receive road updates from town/city Addressing Officers which may or may not have coincided with information sent to DOT.

That system has now changed so that all changes will be submitted by Addressing Officers and go to one state agency (MEGIS) who will then forward that info directly to MaineDOT mapping folks.

  • This eliminates the longtime practice of reporting changes to both DOT and E-911 from different (or the same) town officials.
  • Each town can now report road information directly to MEGIS E9-1-1 with ALL road changes (public & private 9-1-1 roads)……no need to send changes to DOT anymore.
  • Addressing Officers will be the conduit to report road changes to the state (MEGIS) at any time of year ……DOT will automatically get the public road information needed for URIP +

As of January 1, 2015, the E-911 Bureau will have completed many, many training sessions for local Addressing Officers on their new system. This system will allow registered Addressing Officers to go in and make all road updates to online maps with some simple tools rather than filling out paper forms. Stay tuned for more info.

For questions, contact Peter Coughlan at 207-624-3266 or by e-mail.

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This page last updated on 9/5/14

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