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Maine Roads Scholar Program

Why this program?

Local government officials in Maine are always looking for ways to do a better job and improve upon their skills. It's readily apparent that those individuals who take the time to attend training usually are better prepared to deal with local transportation concerns. This is a picture of road scholars. Attendance at various training programs provides one of the most cost-effective methods of providing quality road services, especially during tight financial times. The provision of road maintenance services is a technical process that requires at least a minimum understanding of certain engineering-related problems.

The Maine Local Roads Center has been providing technical assistance to all levels of municipal government since 1986. Through workshops, "hands-on" training, the quarterly "Maine Local Roads News" newsletter, free publications, a videotape lending library, and over-the-phone assistance, municipal officials from all corners of Maine have become better informed and valuable to their local government.

Over 75% of Maine's 492 municipalities have utilized one or more of the services of the Center since 1986. It is estimated that Maine municipalities have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing information provided by the Center.

Goal of the Program

In an effort to recognize local road officials for their desire to learn and improve their skills, the Maine Local Roads Center has established the "Maine Roads Scholar Program". The goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for municipal officials to achieve a solid foundation in local road technical and management skills. These skills will help municipalities save tax dollars through more cost effective techniques and products. While this is not a degree or certification program, participants can attend an excellent basic program available nowhere else at such low cost.

Program Requirements

Each person must attend 10 workshop-days (not workshops) of Local Roads Center workshops. Seven of the ten "workshop-days" must be spent at the following workshops:

The other 3 workshop-days can be attained by attending any other workshop offered by the Center.

Optional Classes

  • Hands On Training

    • Basics of Traffic Signals (Word) (PDF)
    • Beginning or advanced Welding (Word) (PDF)
    • Chainsaw Safety Training (Word) (PDF)
    • Driver's training
    • Maintaining Gravel Roads - 1 or 2 days (Word) (PDF)
    • Snow & Ice / Calibration - 1/2 day
  • Classroom Training
    • Cold Weather Survival (Word) (PDF)
    • Drips, Drains and Drums (Word) (PDF)
    • Electrical Safety (Word) (PDF)
    • Lines, Levels and Layouts (Word) (PDF)
    • Maintaining Local Bridges (Word) (PDF)
    • Municipal Equipment Management System - MEMS (Word) (PDF)
    • Pedestrian Safety Training (Word) (PDF)
    • Sign Information Management System - SIMS (Word) (PDF)
    • SuperPave - 1/2 Day (Word) (PDF)

Anyone attending the same course more than once will not be credited with a "workshop-day", but will receive 1 credit. There will be no time limit to attain "Maine Roads Scholar". All past workshops will count for credit.


Listing of Current Road Scholars


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