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New LRAP changes under LD 2092, passed as PL 565, signed by the Governor on 3/27/2002

23 MRSA §1803-B, sub-§1, ¶A, is amended to read:

A. Rural Road Initiative funds must be distributed as follows.

(1) Funds are distributed at a rate of $600 per year per lane mile for all rural state aid minor collector roads and all public roads maintained by a municipality located outside urban compact areas as defined in section 754, except that funds are distributed at a rate of $300 per year per lane mile for all seasonal public roads.

(2) Effective July 1, 2000, funds must be used for capital improvements as defined by this chapter, or for capital improvements to state aid minor collector roads as described in subsection 5. Prior to July 1, 2000, funds may be used only for the maintenance and improvement of public roads. In municipalities, counties and Indian reservations in which there are no rural state aid minor collector roads, funds may also be used for winter highway maintenance, acquisition of highway maintenance equipment or the construction of highway maintenance buildings if the governing legislative body affirmatively votes that its town ways and local bridges are in sufficiently good condition so as to not require significant repair or improvement for at least 10 years.

This means that if your town is one of the 132 municipalities with no State Aid minor collector roads, then your URIP funds can be used as noted above ONLY if there is a majority vote at Town Meeting or by the Town Council which states that all the local roads and bridges in town are in satisfactory condition so as not to require major work in the next 10 years.

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