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EFT Sign Up

Electronic Fund Transfer (direct deposit) is available for LRAP payments

MaineDOT is now paying every municipality its full annual LRAP allotment by December 1 of each year (no more quarterly payments). We can electronically transfer payments to your municipality’s financial institution instead of receiving a paper check in the mail.

With electronic fund transfers (EFT), your annual payment is transferred to your account and there is 1) no waiting for the mail, 2) no misplaced or lost checks, 3) no trip to the bank to deposit the check, and 4) an email is sent to your town about the deposit.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in Electronic Fund Transfer, you can contact the Office of the Controller for the State of Maine at 626-8420 or visit their web site at the following:

On the web site, click on the EFT Form Activation.

Once the Office of the Controller has received your completed and signed Electronic Fund Agreement, the process will take 5 working days after entry in the system. If a municipality chooses Electronic Fund Transfer of funds all State programs participating in the Electronic Fund Transfer program will have that program’s funds paid electronically also.

If a municipality decides this system does not meet their needs it has the option to deactivate the electronic funds transfer program by completing the Deactivation EFT form on the web site. Also ask about the Paymode-Link Clareon if more information with the payment is desired then what is furnished by regular EFT.


This page last updated on 6/28/13

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