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Adopt-A-Highway Program Applications and Forms

Applications and Forms for the Adopt-A-Highway Program

  • Municipal Application (Word) (PDF)
  • Diagram Location Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Activity Report Form - Optional (Word) (PDF)
  • Sample News release -Optional (Word) (PDF)

Adopt a Highway Sample Sign Design

This design for an Adopt-A-Highway sign is a suggested design for your municipality. Because State law does not specify a particular design, the choice of sign design is left with every municipality which decides to institute such a Program. This could lead to hundreds of sign designs across the State for the same Program. In an effort to create some form of consistency, this design is one which you could take to a local sign shop for fabrication.

Whether you use this design or not, the ultimate decision on sign design rests with each municipality. However, the size of each sign is limited under the DOT’s Program Rule. Each full sign assembly in a town (limit of 4 per town) may not exceed 50 square feet and each individual sign for a particular person, business, or organization may not exceed 4 square feet.

This is a graphic of the Adopt-a-highway sign

This is a Camara icon Download a larger version of the Adopt-a-Highway Graphic.



This page last updated on 6/27/13

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