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Contractors Information - Frequently Asked Questions

Notice: Users must not rely solely on the information within this Web Site as the information may not be complete or up-to-date.

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The Department's Contracts & Specifications Unit administers virtually all construction projects that are advertised, bid and awarded by the Department. This unit develops and maintains standard specifications and details and provides contract closeout oversight.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a list of projects expected to be advertised over the next 12 months.
  • Maintaining a list of currently advertised projects. 
  • Developing and processing all bids and contract documents.
  • Responding to general contract process questions.
  • Advertising projects for public bidding.
  • Preparing Bid Amendments for advertised contracts.
  • Conducting public bid openings.
  • Evaluating bids.
  • Making recommendations regarding contract awards.
  • Overseeing development of all technical and administrative construction specifications and details.
  • Administering the Construction Contractor Prequalification Process.
  • Conducting onsite construction documentation reviews.
  • Conducting the project final closeout process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does my firm need to be prequalified to bid?

The "Notice to Contractors" for each project will state the prequalification requirements for that project. Bids will be received from any contractor; however, the contract will only be awarded to contractors passing the qualification requirements. Apparent low bidders not prequalified at the time of bid opening can expect a two to three week delay in the award process while their application is processed. They also run the risk of not meeting MaineDOT's prequalification standards. 

2. A project was just advertised that I would like to bid, but my firm is not prequalified. Can we be prequalified in time to bid?

Unless there are issues concerning the applicant, the Department can usually prequalify contractors in about two weeks. If you wish to be prequalified for a project that was just advertised, you should immediately contact the Contracts and Specifications Engineer at 207-624-3410. The Department will make every reasonable effort to evaluate your application in time to bid. An applicant must successfully complete the process before MaineDOT will award a contract to it.

3. How does my firm get on the Department's bidders list of contractors for future projects?

The Department does not maintain a bidders list. All projects are publicly advertised, and any contractor registered with Maine's Department of the Secretary of State, Division of Corporations, may bid on Department contracts. Contractors must also be prequalified to bid on most construction contracts exceeding $300,000. 

4. What projects are scheduled for the next several months?

A preliminary list of projects scheduled for advertising within the next several months is available from the Contractors Information Web page using the Proposed Projects Schedule link. There you will find a very brief description of each project. This list is tentative and subject to change without notice.

5. How do I obtain a set of bid documents (plans, specifications and contractual requirements) for a project?

Documents are available from the Department of Transportation at the Augusta Headquarters. They may be purchased between 7:30a.m. and 4:30p.m. either by phone (207-624-3536), in person at the Transportation Building mail room in Augusta, Maine, or by mailing to: Maine Department of Transportation, 16 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333, Attention: Mail Room. Checks should be payable to: Treasurer, State of Maine. Master Card and Visa are accepted.

6. May I obtain a list of Planholders for a project?

Information on advertised contracts, including planholders, is available by selecting Bid Documents on the Web page. 

7. Where can I see plans and specifications for a project?

Plans and specifications are available for viewing from 7:30a.m. through 4:30p.m.Monday through Friday in the Transportation Building Mail Room at the Augusta Headquarters and at the Department's Regional Office in the area where the construction is to occur.

8. May I purchase separate sheets of the plans for a project, and if so, how?

Separate sheets are available from the Department of Transportation Mail Room at the Augusta Headquarters, located at the Transportation Building, Augusta, Maine, for $2.00 per full size sheet and $1.00 per half size sheet. Individual sheets may only be purchased if the specific project and sheet number(s) are requested. Requests for generic sheets, for example "all landscape planting sheets", will not be honored.

9. May I obtain a bid tabulation?

The list of each bidder's total bid is available on (207) 624-3536 and on the Contractors-Consultant-Information Web page, located under Construction Bid Package. A complete bid tabulation is posted on the Contractors-Consultant-Information under Construction Bid Package or under Bid Tabulation Archive of the Web page.  Typically, these are available 1 or 2 hours following Bid Opening.

10. May I obtain a list of contractors who bid on Department projects?

A list of currently prequalified contractors is also available here. This may not be the most current list, so if in doubt, please contact Norma Gilman at (207)624-3495.

11. How do I obtain a copy of the Department's standard specifications?

The Standard Specifications, Highway and Bridges, Revision of December 2002 is available at the Augusta Headquarters Mail Room or by phone (207)624-3536 or mail form the Mail Room. Cost is $10.00 per copy when purchased at the building and $13.00 per copy for mailed copies. An electronic versions of these specs are available on the Contractors-Consultant-Information located under Contractors, Standard Specification or our Standard Detail Book on our website.

12. How do I obtain a set of the Department's standard detail plans?

The Standard Details, Highways and Bridges, Revision of December 2002 is available at the Augusta Headquaters Mail Room or by phone (207)624-3536 or by mail from the Mail Room. Cost is $20 ($25 by mail).

13. Who do contact if I want additional information concerning contract bid/award related issues?

The Contracts and Specifications Engineer is located in the Contracts & Specifications Unit at MaineDOT headquarters in Augusta.

Phone: 207-624-3410
Fax: 207-624-3431

14. Who do I contact if I want additional information concerning specific bid package issues, such as clarification of technical issues, details, quantities or other clarifying issues prior to bid. 

Fax your questions regarding any advertised contract to the Project Manager listed in the "Notice to Contractors"at the fax number provided. Please submit these questions using the form provided in the bid documents so we can ensure that all contractors are given the same information.