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Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

MaineDOT is committed to engaging small disadvantaged, minority and women-owned business enterprises as defined herein in all contracts to the maximum feasible extent, and will continue working to ensure the maximum feasible opportunity for these businesses to participate in contracts financed in whole or in part with federal funds.

As a recipient of federal USDOT funding, MaineDOT is required to develop and administer the DBE Program. MaineDOT administers the DBE Program and certifies all DBEs in Maine in compliance with federal regulations under 49 CFR Part 26. This Program is intended to remedy past and current discrimination against disadvantaged business enterprises, ensure a “level playing field”, and foster equal opportunity in USDOT-assisted contracts; improve the flexibility and efficiency of the DBE Program; and reduce burdens on small businesses.

DBE Certification does not mean the Contractor has the ability to work in the State of Maine - it is up to the Contractor to verify eligibility.


D/WBE Directory of Businesses

  • Listing of Businesses (Excel) (PDF) Updated every Friday at 4:00 p.m
  • Description of Creditable Services for DBE's (Word)

DBE Information

For more information on the MaineDOT DBE Program, please contact:

Sherry Tompkins, DBE Program Administrator

Tel: 207-624-3066



This page last updated on 2/23/15

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