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MicroStation/InRoads v8i SELECT Series 2 Downloads (DRAFT)

Our MaineDOT MicroStation/InRoads V8i SELECT Series 2 workspace is now ready to share with our consultant community and available for download via the links below. This workspace is very much a work in progress, however, which is why we have labeled it as “DRAFT” in the header of this section. We are currently deploying this throughout the Department, beginning with the Highway and Bridge Programs, as well as the Property Office.  Other units within the Department will be upgraded at a later date.

Please check with your Department Project Manager to see whether your project work should be done in this new V8i SS2 version, or our older MicroStation V8 2004 version.

Known Issues

We are aware that some of our macros may not function as intended. Generally this is due to changes made to MicroStation Basic in V8i. We are fixing these or converting these macros to VBA as we become aware of issues with them.  If you discover any errors or non-functioning components within our new workspace, please contact our CADD Support so that they can investigate and remedy the situation. 

This page will be updated frequently as we work to improve the new workspace. Please check back here frequently. If you’d like to be notified by email when updates are posted, please take a moment to fill out the form on our Contact Page at:


Current V8i SELECT Series 2 Software Versions

  • MicroStation V8i: Version
  • InRoads V8i: Version

Current Downloads

Revision Date
Installation Instructions
78 KB
V8i Workspace Files
32 MB
V8i Manual
23 MB
2.4 MB





This page last updated on 3/20/14