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Microstation/InRoads Working Units

Standard Units
US Customary
Master Unit
' (Survey Feet)
Sub Unit
" (Survey Inch)
Resolution (V8 Advanced)
1,000 per millimeter


These units are MaineDOTs customized units. They are defined in the units.def file. Users that are not using our configuration will need to copy this file into their C:\Program Files\Bentley\Workspace\System\data folder in order to get the same results.

MaineDOT has changed units back to FEET

In 2002, MaineDOT made a decision to migrate from metric back to U.S. Customary units (feet and inches). Some projects that are still being designed in MX might still be metric. All InRoads project will be designed using U.S. Customary Feet. No provisions have been made for metric units in the MicroStation/InRoads configuration. See the MicroStation General Standards page for more information.


This page last updated on 10/16/13