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Microstation/InRoads Naming Convention

General Information

The MaineDOT depends upon a project-oriented folder structure to identify which project each file belongs to. The filenames are identical from project to project.

Therefore, it is very important to keep all project files in project folders! Many of our automated routines depend on files being named appropriately in accordance with our convention.

Remember - The computer is not smart enough to find files that have been misnamed!

We have a macro called MAKESHEETZ that facilitates making and naming drawing files to our standard. See our MicroStation Manual or our MicroStation/InRoads Manual for more information on this macro.

Click the following link to view a table of MaineDOT's MicroStation standard root file names. Allowable prefixes and suffixes to the root names are discussed below.

  • Maine DOT MicroStation Root Filename Table (Word) (PDF)

Sheet Files

We do our plan-view editing on project-wide drawings and use "sheet" drawings with borders and referenced saved views to create the sheets for plotting.

The names of these sheet drawing files are given a prefix of three numbers and an underscore. We have a utility program for organizing and renumbering sheets that renames these files accordingly. Examples of numbered sheet files are:

  • 001_Title.dgn
  • 002_Typical_01.dgn
  • 003_Typical_02.dgn
  • 004_Estimate.dgn
  • 005_Drainage.dgn
  • 006_Notes_general.dgn
  • 007_Notes_const.dgn
  • 011_HDPlan1.dgn

Notes Regarding Filename Variations

If everyone follows the rules for file naming, it will be much easier to make both manual and automated procedures work properly. There are times when variations in standard file names will be required. Our procedures are designed to work with the following rules for filename variations.

  • DO NOT use a prefix, except for the three allowed cases, which are:

    • nnn_ for sheet files as described above
    • c_ for colored sheets that are not part of the official plan set
    • z_ for work files used in detailing
    • The z_ files are where the structural details are edited. They are typically referenced from numbered sheet files when plotting
  • DO use a suffix starting with an underscore when you make variations of standard file names. Examples of proper use of a suffix are:

    • alignments_a.dgn
    • alignments_b.dgn
    • highway_alt1.dgn
    • highway_alt2.dgn
  • Allowable suffixes include :

    • _det
    • _elev
    • _plan
    • _wing
    • _sect
    • _foot
    • _rehab
    • _alt#
    • _c
    • _prelim
    • _w
    • _exist
    • _final
    • _#

This page last updated on 10/16/13

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