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MicroStation InRoads Level Structure

We expanded our Level structure drastically with the implementation of InRoads and broke them up in the five major categories. All Design Levels begin with a "D" and are for all design aspects of any given project. All Survey Levels begin with an "S" and are intended for all "ground" surveys. All Mapping Levels begin with a "M" and are intended for aerial mapping surveys. All Existing ROW Levels begin with an "E" and all Proposed ROW Levels begin with a "P".

We then break the name into parts, going from the general to the specific separated by an underscore. Our Settings Manager's Category and Groups are intended to be similar to the remainder of the Level names providing a smooth and familiar workflow. Our new Level Naming convention and structure provides space for the earlier 63+ levels from all pre-existing level structures which combined span the first 99 levels. Therefore, older MicroStation graphics may be combined with the newer graphics without conflict. There are are too many levels to list so instead we have exported them from MicroStation as .csv files.

Management of the new level structure is accomplished using a .dgnlib file. This is an empty library file that contains the level structure consistent with MaineDOT standards. This is important for the management of the level structure.

When a change to the level structure is necessary, the all new MicroStation files will automatically synchronize themselves to the library file. The dgnlib files also have Bi-Level symbology built in to help with mapping of Level, Color, Style and Weight. We are not currently using Bi-Level symbology, however it's there for future use and to aid the Consultant community.


This page last updated on 10/16/13

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