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Microstation 2004 InRoads Element Settings

MaineDOT uses MicroStation's Settings Manager feature to control most of the settings used in drawing production. The Settings Manager can be a huge time saver and is a tremendous help in maintaining adherence to standards. We strongly recommend that consultants and others producing MicroStation drawings to MaineDOT standards use our Settings Manager files, which are available in the custom configuration we have available on our MicroStation/InRoads Downloads Page.

As a reference document, we have developed a multi-paged Excel spreadsheet of the U.S. Customary units (feet) standards that we have incorporated in Settings Manager.

Please note that we have tabs corresponding to our various Settings Manager files.  The columns headed GroupName and CompName refer to Settings Manager Groups and Components. Together, these two columns form the description of each element that is included. The Level Names can be looked up in the .csv files found on the Standard Levels page. The .csv files also have Bi-Level symbology built in to help with mapping of Level, Color, Style and Weight. We are not currently using Bi-Level symbology, however it's there for future use and to aid the Consultant community.


This page last updated on 10/16/13

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