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Bicycle Signage

Signage for bicycle travel on roads in Maine is important for safety awareness. Signs like Share the Road, Bikes May Use Full Lane, Maine’s 3 ft. Law, and bicycle way finding can help not only raise awareness to motorists that bicyclists should be expected anywhere, but can really make a difference in promoting safe motorists and bicyclist behavior.

Maine has adopted a set of approved signs for Maine roads to ensure the signage is consistent throughout the state when it comes to the types of signs that municipalities and MaineDOT put on our road system.

The following is a link to the approved signage types for Maine Roads:

    - Sign Templates

MaineDOT must approve any signage placed on MaineDOT jurisdictional highways, and strongly encourages all municipalities to use these approved signs even on local roads. These signs were developed in coordination with local stakeholders, the Maine Bicycle and Pedestrian Council, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and the Federal Highway Administration.

To request a sign on a state road, bike route or way finding signage plan approval, please contact Steve Landry, Maine State Traffic Engineer, at 207-624-3632 or your local MaineDOT region traffic engineer.

To be eligible for approval of a bike route signage plan, the municipality would need to create a detailed signage plan for the proposed signed route, if the route has any MaineDOT jurisdictional roads. The municipality is responsible for the costs of putting up the way finding or bike route signs, unless funding is approved by MaineDOT.

MaineDOT will be responsible (if funding is available) for the cost of putting up single or multiple safety signs on the state highway system upon an approved request.