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Make Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements in your Community

Livermore FallsIf you feel that you have an idea to make the transportation system safer or easier to access for a bicyclists and/or pedestrians, it is vitally important you get involved early in the process to make sure that bicycle and pedestrian improvements are an important priority for decision makers at the local, state and national level. Options for improving the pedestrian and bicyclist environment in your community can be categorized into two groups:

  • Physical Aspects of the Community: The first group addresses the physical aspect of the community. Facilities that aid walking and bicycling make doing so a more feasible option. For example, sidewalks and bike racks provide benefit to those who walk and bike, increasing the likelihood that people in the community will choose to walk or bike.
  • Policy & Planning: The second category pertains to policy and planning processes that help to lay the groundwork for making improvements at the community and regional levels. Whether your intent is to fix the sidewalk in front of your house or to improve the existing pedestrian and bike infrastructure in your community, there is a process involved. Some communities already have established bike and pedestrian plans, or advocacy groups. Other communities are simply in need of someone to get the ball rolling. Either way, getting involved is the first step to getting what you want.
  • Powerpoint Presentation: Outlining some of the reasons communities are making improvements, examples of infrastructure options, and the processes communities are using around the state to improve conditions. View presentation here.

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