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Bicycle Commuting

Portland Bicycle Commuter

If you work within 2 to 10 miles of your home, bicycling is an excellent commuting option. Itís free, healthy, and sometimes can even be faster than sitting in your car on congested roadways.

Exercise is a proven stress reliever, and you will enjoy the benefits of reduced risk of stroke and heart disease, as well as increased bone integrity and improved mood.

With Maineís tricky weather, bicycling wonít always be your best option. However, even if you make it a seasonal commuting method, you will be doing a lot to cut your commuting costs, reduce auto emissions and congestion, and improve your health.

GOMAINE provides information on, and access to, healthy, economical and eco-friendly modes of transportation for Maine commuters: carpools, vanpools, transit, bicycling, and walking to work. GOMAINE offers the Emergency Ride Home Guarantee for registered commuters actively using alternate modes of travel to and from work. It provides a free (or reimbursed) taxi ride or rental car home in the event of an unforeseen workday emergency.