MYDAUS: Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey

Printing Tips

  1. Local Summary Reports: You can get a summary of your local MYDAUS/YTS 2006 or 2008 data in one, easily-printable, 27-page report. Reports are available at the school and school district level, as well as for Maine counties and the 8 DHHS Public Health Districts. These reports include trends in the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other selected substances back to 2000. Local and Maine data are compared and significant differences are noted.

  2. Original 64-report menu: In that section, we have provided a great deal of data to help you plan and evaluate your substance abuse prevention programs. Regretfully, there is no way to quickly print all of the data for a geographic area (i.e. state, county, district, or school) due to the extent of the information provided. Because individual data selections must be printed one at a time, we suggest that you look over the data on-line and print only what seems most appropriate for your purposes. If you are having trouble printing any of these, here are tips to help you get better results:

    Problem: The right side the graph keeps getting cut off when printing.
    Solution: Your web browser needs to be configured to use smaller margins. To change this setting look under 'Page Setup'. This is found under the File menu in most web browsers. Change the Left Margin and the Right Margin to '0.25'.

    Problem: When trying to print the graph shows up blank.
    Solution: This problem is browser dependant. Some browsers have problems printing images that are dynamically generated on the web. The best solution is to either upgrade your existing browser or to try an alternative one. We have had reported success with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, Netscape 6 and above, Mozilla 1.0, and Opera 6.0.

  3. Demographic Summary Reports: This section provides the results for each of 37 behaviors each broken down by county, region, grade, gender and race. The selection, “Full Report”, provides the above data for all 37 behaviors in one report. It takes one to two minutes to compile.
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