Clinton Transfer Station

TRASH REMOVAL.  Benton residents are permitted to use the Clinton Transfer Station which is on the Bangor Road about a mile past the downtown area of Clinton.   Benton residents must show a Benton vehicle registration in order to get a tag/permit.  The Transfer Station issues the 'permit.'  

The Transfer Station is closed Sunday and Monday (and on Tuesday following a Monday holiday).   For information about recycling fees or a list of recycled materials that are accepted at the Transfer Station, visit the Town of Clinton website ( ) and use the "Town Departments" link on the left side of the main page.   Any questions, call the Transfer Station at 426-8187.

If a Benton resident or Benton land owner doesn't have a Benton vehicle registration, a one-day ticket to use the Transfer Station can be obtained at the Benton Town Office.   


The Clinton/Benton Transfer Station recycles:  newspapers; clean cardboard; magazines; mixed paper and office paper; HDPE natural milk jugs (clean, no caps); HDPE colored jugs (no caps, clean); steel cans; aluminum cans; returnables; paperboard; brown or white paper bags; and light iron. 

Here's the Recycled Materials List as posted on the Town of Clinton website:     

   NUMBER 1: Aluminum Cans & Steel Cans.
   NUMBER 2: Glass, Clear Only / No Window Glass.
   NUMBER 3: Metal / Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Iron, Lead.
   NUMBER 4: Oil / Motor & Hydraulic.
   NUMBER 5: Paper / Corrugated cardboard, Newsprint, Magazines, Catalogs, Computer Paper, Office Paper.
   NUMBER 6: Mixed Paper / Cardboard cartons, Beverage cartons, Anything that has a shiny finish to it.
   NUMBER 7: Plastics / Color and Clear Jugs and Bottles / Only the #2.

Here's the Transfer Station Recycling fees at posted on the Town of Clinton website:

   Desktop Copiers/Printers $8.50
   Scanners/Fax Machines, etc. $22.50
   CPU's and Laptops $2.50
   Other Computer Peripherals (Keyboards,Mice, Speakers, etc.) $1.25
   UPS's (Battery Backup Systems) $9.00
   NiCd, NiMH, Alkaline (0% Mercury, Zinc Carbon, Carbon Air) $0.70/lb
   Nickel Zinc / Lithium Iron $0.80/lb
   Button Cells $4.25/lb
   Lithium $7.75/lb
   Nickel Iron $0.35/lb
   Lead Acid $0.25/lb
   Alkaline with Mercury $8.00/lb
   Zinc Air, Mercury $8.00/lb
   Carbon with Mercury $8.00/lb
   CoMingled Sorting Fee $0.75/lb
   "If battery is not on list please call (207) 426-8187"
   "Pricing includes weight of the container"
   PCB Ballasts $0.58/lb
   DEHP Ballasts $0.58/lb
   Magnetic/Electronic Ballasts $0.58/lb
   Transformers "Quoted upon Request"
   Large Capacitors $1.50/lb
   Small Capacitors $1.50/lb
   "Includes weight of the container"
   Mercury Devices $8.00/lb
   "Emergency pickups will be quoted per incident. Transportation / Pickups is based on material being on ground floor with either loading dock, or alternate loading capacity."
   Transportation - First 1/2 hour of load time $75.00
   Additional Packaging $55.00 per hour per person
   Note: All paperwork & containers are included in the pricing above. Labels and stretch wrap not included.

Here's the Transfer Station Fees as posted on the Town of Clinton website:  

   Refrigerators $15.00 each
   Air Conditioners $19.00 each
   Mattresses/Box Springs $95.00 per ton
   Furniture and Carpets $95.00 per ton
   Tires, No Rims (16" or less) $2.50 each
   Shingles 7 Sheet Rock $95.00 per ton
   Wood $95.00 per ton
   Brush $61.50
   Tipping Fee $67.50 per ton
   Stoves/Washers/Dryers/Heaters FREE

Trash pick-up at a residence in Benton. Local pickups are done by commercial constractors who are listed in the Yellow Pages or on-line. 

Spring Clean Up.    The Town offers an annual spring clean-up day.  Residents may bring items to the Transfer Station for free that usually will cost extra during the rest of the year (e.g., tires, rims, mattresses, etc.).  We do advertise the dates for the spring clean-up in the local Morning Sentinel newspaper, and the information will be posted on this website and in the Town Office.

To learn more about recycling, visit: