Bill Summary Subject Areas

The following list of topics is provided to help you determine which committee handles particular subject areas. By selecting a committee on the right, you will jump into the acrobat file containing that committees bill summaries listed by their Legislative Document number (LD #).

Agriculture-Development and Farm Preservation Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Administrative Procedures: Rulemaking State & Local Government
Adoption Judiciary
Adult Education Education & Cultural Affairs
Aging and Long Term Care Health and Human Services
Air Quality/Auto Emissions Natural Resources
Animals Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Applied Technology Education Education & Cultural Affairs
Aquaculture Marine Resources
Archery Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Banking and Credit Unions Banking & Insurance
Bureau of Parks and Lands Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Business Development - Business Assistance Business & Economic Development
Business Regulation Business & Economic Development
Business Regulation - Franchise Laws Business & Economic Development
Campaign Finance Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Child Protection/Adult Protection Judiciary
Child Support Judiciary
Children's Services Health and Human Services
Citizen Initiative Process Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Claims Against The State Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Commission and Task Force Bills Health and Human Services
Constitutional Amendments State & Local Government
Contracts Judiciary
Corporations Judiciary
Corrections Criminal Justice
County Budgets State & Local Government
County Government State & Local Government
County Jails Criminal Justice
Courts/Judges/Judicial Administration Judiciary
Crimes/Criminal Justice Criminal Justice
Criminal Law Criminal Justice
Criminal Law Criminal Justice
Criminal Procedure Criminal Justice
Cultural Affairs Education & Cultural Affairs
Curriculum, Instruction, Textbooks and Testing Education & Cultural Affairs
Dams Natural Resources
DEP (including fees and enforcement) Natural Resources
Departmental Organization and Administration Health and Human Services
Departments and Agencies of State Government State & Local Government
Domestic Violence Judiciary
Driver's Licenses Transportation
Economic Development - Job Creation Business & Economic Development
Economic Development - Other Business & Economic Development
Economic Development - Planning Initiatives Business& Economic Development
Education - Other Education & Cultural Affairs
Eels Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Election Laws Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Electricity (non-restructuring) Utilities & Energy
Electricity Restructuring Utilities & Energy
Elvers Marine Resources
Employment Conditions - General Labor
Employment Conditions - Minors Labor
Ethics and Lobbying Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Family Law Judiciary
Ferry Service Transportation
Firearms/Weapons Criminal Justice
Food Safety/Food Labeling Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Forestry - Forest Management/Forest Policy Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Forestry - Logger Licensing Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Freedom of Access/Confidentiality Judiciary
Gambling/Lottery/Harness Racing Legal & Veterans' Affairs
General Utility/Miscellaneous Utilities & Energy
Government Evaluation Act Review Natural Resources
Hazardous Waste/Hazardous Substances Natural Resources
Health Care Health and Human Services
Highway Funds Transportation
Human Rights Judiciary
Income Maintenance Health and Human Services
Insurance, Health Banking & Insurance
Insurance, Motor Vehicles Banking & Insurance
Insurance, Regulation and Practices Banking & Insurance
Insurance, Workers' Compensation Banking & Insurance
Interstate Highway Transportation
Juveniles/Juvenile Code/Juvenile Corrections Criminal Justice
Land Use Natural Resources
Land: Boundaries, Name Changes, Access, Transfer State & Local Government
Law Enforcement/Public Safety Criminal Justice
Legislature and Legislative Process State & Local Government
License Plates Transportation
Licensing Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Liquor Laws Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Lobsters Marine Resources
Maine Forest Service - Miscellaneous Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Maine Turnpike Authority Transportation
Medicaid Health and Human Services
Medical Malpractice Judiciary
Medical Rights Judiciary
Mental Health Health and Human Services
Mental Retardation and Other Departmental Disabilities Health and Human Services
Motor Vehicle Laws (general) Transportation
Municipal Shellfish Marine Resources
Municipalities and Quasi-Municipal Corporations State and Local Government
Naming Roads and Bridges Transportation
Natural Gas Utilities and Energy
Natural Resources Protection Act Natural Resources
Nuclear Utilities and Energy
Nuclear Power Plants Utilities and Energy
Occupational and Professional Regulation Business & Economic Development
Official Items; Commemorative Events State & Local Government
Oil and Petroleum Products Natural Resources
Operating Under the Influence/Motor Vehicle Violations Criminal Justice
Personal Watercraft Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Postsecondary Education Finance and Student Aid Education & Cultural Affairs
Postsecondary Education Governance and Coordination Education & Cultural Affairs
Primates Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Probate Judiciary
Professional Regulation - Health Related Business & Economic Development
Property Judiciary
Public Sector Labor Relations Labor
PUC/Public Advocate Utilities & Energy
Rail Transportation
Records State & Local Government
Retirees Health Insurance Labor
Retirement - Benefits, Plans and Alternatives Labor
Retirement - Disability and Life Insurance Labor
Retirement - Educators Labor
Retirement - Eligibility and Service Credit Labor
Retirement - Participating Local Districts Labor
Retirement System Administration Labor
Salmon Marine Resources
Sardines Marine Resources
School Budgets Education & Cultural Affairs
School Bus Transportation
School Construction, Facilities and Buses Education & Cultural Affairs
School Finance Education & Cultural Affairs
Sea Urchins Marine Resources
Secession/Annexation/Deorganization State & Local Government
Securities Banking & Insurance
Shoreland Zoning Natural Resources
Signage Transportation
Smoking/tobacco Health and Human Services
Snowmobiles Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
State Contracts and Fiscal Procedures State & Local Government
State Employees and Employee Benefits State & Local Government
State Highways Transportation
State Officials State & Local Government
State Property State & Local Government
Statutes Judiciary
Subdivisions Natural Resources
Substance Abuse Health and Human Services
Teachers and Administrators Education & Cultural Affairs
Telecommunications Utilities & Energy
Torts Judiciary
Toxic Substances Natural Resources
Trapping Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Truants and Dropouts Education & Cultural Affairs
Trucks Transportation
Tuition Rates for Non-resident Students Education & Cultural Affairs
Unemployment Compensation Labor
Veterans' Affairs Legal & Veterans' Affairs
Water and Sewer (other than charter changes) Utilities &Energy
Water and Sewer Charter Changes Utilities & Energy
Water Quality/Water Pollution Natural Resources
Whitewater Rafting Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Workers' Compensation Labor
Young Drivers Transportation

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