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The Internet offers a vast array of information which continues to increase on a daily basis. The Internet is a useful resource for government and public policy information, as well as additional topics of interest. The Maine State homepage is accessible on the World Wide Web at and the Legislature's homepage is accessible at They both offer links to several relevant sites. Useful search engines for Web information, particularly Altavista and Yahoo, also are located on the Web. An additional source of information regarding Web "browsing" is titled: A Beginner's Guide to Surfing the Internet

Policy and Government
    The Council of State Governments: State government information and access to other useful sites.
State and Local Government, A Library of Congress Internet Resource Page: Provides indexes for state and local government information, state maps, and other resources including full text of state statutes. This is a very comprehensive site.
Thomas: Federal legislation from 1973 to present as well as links to other governmental information.
Provides links to "hot" topics in government by subject.
Government Printing Office (GPO): Access to the Federal Register, Code of Regulations and numerous other GPO publications. Also includes links to various Federal Depository libraries.
Government Accounting Office: Provides access to full text of its reports on a variety of topics.
U.S. Federal Courts Finder: Offers a hyper-texted map of Supreme Court, Federal Circuit Court and twelve other circuit courts, along with access to court decisions.
Maine State Legislature
Currently provides access to House and Senate member information and weekly reports/legislative record, staff offices, and calendar of events. In the future, it will provide access to bill information.
Office of Policy & Legal Analysis: Provides access to Maine Legislative reports, bill summaries, committee jurisdictions, quarterly newsletter, and study commission information.
Law and Legislative Reference Library: Provides access to URSUS catalog, collections information, reference information, legislative history instructions and interlibrary loan information. The latest addition includes a list of all the library's periodical holdings and a list of referenda votes since 1910.
Government Technology: Monthly on-line magazine which provides information pertaining to government hardware and software management issues.
The Washington Times: National Weekly Edition of the paper.
The Boston Globe: Includes access to New England Region Wire, updated every 30 minutes.
General Interest
Switchboard: Locate individuals or businesses, including a map of the site, anywhere in the U.S.

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Nonpartisian Quarterly Newsletter

Spring 1997
Maine State Legislature
Publication of the Office of Policy and Legal Analysis
Volume 1, Issue 2