Freedom of Access Advisory Committee




Meeting Summary



Appointments by the Governor

Richard P. Flewelling
Maine Municipal Association

Harry R. Pringle
Representing School Interests

Lee Umphrey
Representing Interests of State Government

Appointment(s) by the President

Sen. Margaret Rotundo  - Chair

Senate Member


Tony  Cilluffo

Representing County or Regional Interests


Jeff Ham

Representing Newspaper and Press Interests


Lieutenant Dale  Lancaster

Representing Law Enforcement Interests

Appointment(s) by the Speaker

House Member

Rep. Theodore  Koffman

Mr. Greg  Lagerquist

Representing Broadcasting Interests

Mal Leary

Representing Statewide Coalition of Advocates of Freedom of Access


Chris Spruce

Representing the Public


Attorney General

Linda  Pistner

Chief Deputy Attorney General

Chief Justice

James T. Glessner

State Court Administrator

Member of the Judicial Branch

Staff:  Margaret Reinsch

Office of Policy & Legal Analysis

Telephone: 287-1670
Fax: 287-1275

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