123rd Maine Legislature - Second Regular Session
Bill Requests
Sponsor: Senator Bowman
LR: 3148
An Act To Restrict the E-9-1-1 Fund to Use for E-9-1-1 Statewide and Local System Needs
LR: 3150
An Act To Improve the Compliance and Accountability of the Child Development Services System
Sponsor: Senator Brannigan
LR: 2813
An Act To Repeal the Ban on the Sale and Furnishing of Hard Snuff
LR: 2908
An Act To Expand the List of Medical Personnel Qualified To Conduct Mental Health Examinations for
Purposes of Involuntary Hospitalization
LR: 2989
An Act To Establish a Consumer Council System of Maine Consistent with the Riverview Psychiatric
Center Consent Decree
LR: 3100
An Act To Clarify the Election of Municipal Charter Commission Members
LR: 3284
An Act To Amend the Prescription Drug Practice Laws
LR: 3313
An Act To Authorize the City of Portland To Lease Submerged Lands for Longer than 30 Years
LR: 3346
An Act To Require Teaching of Mental Health Awareness in Maine's Middle Schools
Sponsor: Representative Brautigam
LR: 3035
An Act To Provide Tax Treatment Consistency for Limited Liability and Subchapter S Corporations
LR: 3113
An Act To Reduce Health Care Costs and Improve Health Outcomes
LR: 3217
An Act To Protect Life Insurance Consumers
LR: 3302
An Act To Ensure Stability and Affordability within the Health Insurance Market
Sponsor: Senator Bromley
LR: 3147
An Act To Allow Direct-to-consumer Wine Sales
LR: 3149
An Act To Strengthen the Maine Small Business and Entrepreneurship Commission
LR: 3182
An Act Regarding the Board of Examiners in Physical Therapy
LR: 3310
An Act To Provide Reasonable Notice to Consumers When Utility Services Are Interrupted for Repairs
and Restored
Sponsor: Representative Browne
LR: 2970
An Act To Designate Certain Rules of the Bureau of State Police as Major Substantive Rules
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10/9/2007 3:08:39PM

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