LD 21 -- HP0011
An Act to Eliminate the Use of MTBE in Maine.
LD 100 -- HP0087
An Act to Expedite the Permitting Process within the Department of Environmental Protection.
LD 141 -- HP0110
An Act to Amend the Diesel-powered Motor Vehicle Emission Opacity Testing Program.
LD 301 -- HP0223
An Act to Amend the Open-burning Laws (BY REQUEST).
LD 342 -- HP0238
An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding the Fee Paid When Purchasing a New Tire or Battery.
LD 498 -- HP0373
An Act Relating to Transfer of Ownership of Dams.
LD 593 -- SP0204
An Act to Promote the Recycling of Fish Scales as Agricultural Fertilizer.
LD 638 -- SP0216
An Act to Amend the Closure and Remediation Cost-sharing Program Concerning Landfills.
LD 665 -- SP0243
An Act to Protect the Environment by Phasing Out the Use of Old Transformers that are Potential Sources of PCB Pollution.
LD 692 -- HP0485
An Act to Clarify the Reporting of Discharges of Hazardous Matter.
LD 712 -- HP0505
Resolve, Creating a Task Force to Investigate the Effects of Unratified International Treaties Implemented by State Agencies.
LD 770 -- HP0549
An Act to Make the Laws Governing State Ambient Air Quality for Ozone and Particulate Matter Consistent with Federal Requirements.
LD 909 -- SP0307
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Land Application of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge.
LD 921 -- HP0665
An Act to Opt Out of the Requirement to Use Reformulated Gas.
LD 940 -- HP0684
An Act to Permit Property Owners to Put Sand on and Rake Their Beaches.
LD 953 -- SP0319
An Act to Reclassify Certain Waters of the State.
LD 1007 -- HP0717
An Act to Repeal the Authorization of Lucerne-in-Maine Village Corporation to Construct Dams and Fishways.
LD 1049 -- HP0759
An Act to Repeal the Enhanced Inspection Requirements for Motor Vehicles Registered in Cumberland County.
LD 1080 -- SP0379
An Act to Direct State Capital Investments to Locally Designated Growth Areas.
LD 1082 -- SP0381
An Act to Reauthorize and Amend the Diesel-powered Motor Vehicle Emission Opacity Testing Program.
LD 1114 -- HP0791
An Act to Permit Telescopes and Other Scientific Instruments to be Shielded from the Weather.
LD 1160 -- HP0837
An Act to Amend Certain Laws Administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Land and Water Quality.
LD 1170 -- SP0391
An Act Concerning the Review of State Solid Waste Management Policies.
LD 1209 -- HP0852
An Act Regarding Property Owners Whose Land Abuts a Solid or Special Waste Landfill.
LD 1212 -- HP0855
Resolve, to Replace Reformulated Gasoline and Require an Alternative Reid Vapor Pressure/Low-sulfur Substitute for the State.
LD 1256 -- HP0899
Resolve, to Establish a Task Force to Study the Operation of and Support for the Board of Environmental Protection.
LD 1298 -- HP0920
An Act to Amend the Certification Process of Code Enforcement Officers.
LD 1306 -- HP0929
An Act to Require Legislative Review of Motor Vehicle Fuel Standards.
LD 1311 -- HP0934
An Act to Repeal the Emissions Testing Program in Cumberland County.
LD 1355 -- HP0957
An Act to Prohibit a Municipality from Being Penalized by the State for Lacking a Comprehensive Plan.
LD 1356 -- HP0958
Original Title: An Act to Allow Game Wardens to Approve Beaver Dam Removal.
New Title An Act to Allow Authorized Removal of a Beaver Dam Without a Permit.
LD 1394 -- HP0996
An Act to Limit the Idling Time for Diesel Motor Vehicles.
LD 1395 -- HP0997
Resolve, Establishing a Commission to Study the Future Use and Reclamation of Number One Pond in Sanford.
LD 1454 -- HP1032
An Act to Promote Ethanol Production as Alternative Fuel.
LD 1455 -- HP1033
An Act Regarding the Spreading of Sludge.
LD 1457 -- HP1035
An Act to Decrease Restrictions on the Sale of Land.
LD 1458 -- HP1036
An Act to Allow Cutting of Trees in the Shoreland Zone Under Certain Conditions.
LD 1506 -- SP0505
Resolve, to Require the Department of Environmental Protection to Reimburse Homeowners for Malfunctioning On-site Peat Sewage Disposal Systems.
LD 1516 -- SP0515
An Act Concerning Disposal of Solid Waste from Decommissioning Activities.
LD 1517 -- SP0516
An Act Concerning Transportation of Radioactive Waste.
LD 1519 -- HP1072
An Act to Encourage Environmental Management Systems.
LD 1520 -- HP1073
An Act Requiring Maine to Adopt the Federal Rules Regarding Universal Waste.
LD 1536 -- HP1089
Resolve, to Direct the Land and Water Resources Council to Develop a Report and Proposed Actions to Control Dioxin Emissions and Discharges.
LD 1537 -- HP1090
An Act to Protect Maine Lakes and Ponds.
LD 1550 -- HP1103
Resolve, to Establish a Task Force to Study the Improvement of Public Water Supply Protection.
LD 1562 -- SP0529
An Act to Establish the Environmental Leadership Program.
LD 1601 -- SP0539
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Economic and Community Development to Devise a Proposal for Long-term Funding of the Removal of Tire Dumps.
LD 1625 -- HP1140
An Act to Clarify Certain Laws Administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management.
LD 1626 -- HP1141
Original Title: An Act to Establish the Waste Motor Oil Disposal Site Remediation Program.
New Title An Act to Assist in the Cleanup of the Town of Wells Maine Waste Oil Site.
LD 1643 -- HP1146
An Act to Remove Certain Wetland Sites Requirements for Proposed Developments within the Jurisdiction of the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission.
LD 1669 -- SP0589
An Act to Ensure Continuous Improvement in Pollution Prevention.
LD 1691 -- HP1180
An Act to Protect Maine's Lakes and Ponds from Camp Road Runoff.
LD 1692 -- HP1181
An Act to Expedite the Contaminated Groundwater Remediation Process.
LD 1711 -- HP1201
An Act to Clarify the Law Governing Disbursements from the Groundwater Oil Clean-up Fund.
LD 1714 -- HP1204
An Act to Clarify and Improve the State's Solid Waste Management Laws.
LD 1736 -- HP1207
An Act to Amend the Site Location of Development Laws to Include the Location and Safety of Transmission Towers.
LD 1763 -- HP1234
An Act to Require the Department of Environmental Protection to Mail the Department's Monthly Activity Report to Legislators on the Joint Standing Committees on Natural Resources and Health and Human Services.
LD 1772 -- HP1243
An Act to Require Tire Manufacturers to Accept Tires for Return.
LD 1774 -- HP1245
An Act to Amend Environmental Penalties to Prohibit Fines on First-time Violators.
LD 1794 -- SP0629
An Act to Encourage the Implementation of Pollution Prevention in Maine.
LD 1808 -- HP1254
An Act to Amend the Definition of Lender Under the Uncontrolled Hazardous Substance Sites Law.
LD 1822 -- HP1268
An Act Allowing Kelly Sanborn to Remain in Her Current Residence.
LD 1823 -- SP0641
An Act to Increase Accessibility to the Department of Environmental Protection Clean-up Funds for Businesses.
LD 1835 -- HP1274
An Act to Amend the Department of Environmental Protection Laws.
LD 1859 -- HP1298
An Act to Require Enhanced Emissions Testing for the Entire State.
LD 1924 -- SP0674
An Act to Reduce Mercury in Products.
LD 2038 -- SP0716
An Act to Amend the Water Quality Laws to Establish a New Standard for Mercury Discharges.
LD 2063 -- HP1442
An Act to Maintain Protection of Sand Dunes Under Existing Law.
LD 2084 -- SP0734
An Act to Reduce the Release of Mercury into the Environment from Consumer Products.
LD 2137 -- HP1493
An Act to Prohibit Motor Vehicles on Certain Lakes.
LD 2151 -- SP0761
An Act to Revise the State's Water Quality Standards.
LD 2158 -- SP0768
An Act to Authorize Matinicus Isle Plantation to Implement a Disposal Fee for Motorized Vehicles.
LD 2182 -- HP1529
An Act to Improve Air Quality through Market Incentives for the Purchase of Cleaner Vehicles.
LD 2228 -- SP0825
An Act to Provide for Alternative Treatment of Biomedical Waste.
LD 2238 -- SP0839
An Act to Clarify the Solid Waste Laws as They Relate to the Exception to the Ban on New Commercial Landfills.