LD 289 -- -- HP0225
Resolve, to Establish the Committee to Study Maine Forest Practices.
LD 968 -- -- HP0704
An Act to Require Recommended Silvicultural Stocking Standards on Land Ownerships Enrolled under the Tree Growth Tax Laws.
LD 1200 -- -- HP0883
An Act to Reform the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law.
LD 1232 -- -- SP0373
An Act to Provide Relief from Barking Dogs.
LD 1311 -- -- HP0948
An Act to Prohibit Clear-cutting.
LD 1395 -- -- HP1003
Resolve, to Establish the Maine Council on Sustainable Silviculture.
LD 1405 -- -- HP1013
Original Title: An Act to License Timber Harvesters and Deter Timber Trespassing.
New Title An Act to Strengthen Laws Regarding Timber Theft and Timber Harvesting.
LD 1430 -- -- SP0456
An Act to Regulate Professional Loggers.
LD 1465 -- -- HP1048
An Act to Limit Liquidation Harvesting.
LD 1473 -- -- SP0471
An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding Forest Practices.
LD 1518 -- -- HP1081
Resolve, to Establish the Maine Forest Policy Round Table Study Commission.
LD 1746 -- -- SP0583
An Act to Amend the Laws Relating to Development and Centralized Listing of Municipal Ordinances That Apply to Forest Practices.
LD 1766 -- -- HP1246
An Act to Improve Management of Maine's Forests.
LD 1852 -- -- SP0635
An Act to Reorganize and Clarify the Laws Relating to the Establishment, Powers and Duties of the Bureau of Parks and Lands.
LD 1874 -- -- SP0653
Original Title: An Act to Establish Limitations on Swine-feeding Operations.
New Title An Act Regarding Nutrient Management.
LD 1907 -- -- SP0682
An Act Regarding Short-rotation Tree Fiber Farming and Genetically Engineered Trees.
LD 1942 -- -- HP1389
Resolve, Authorizing the Transfer of Certain State Park Property.
LD 2004 -- -- HP1440
An Act to Ensure Long-term Funding of the Maine Agricultural Experiment Station Research Farms Connected with Land Grant Colleges.
LD 2006 -- -- HP1442
An Act to Expand the Potato Licensing Laws to Include Rotation Crops.
LD 2017 -- -- SP0739
An Act to Provide Access to Veterinary Education for Maine Students.
LD 2020 -- -- SP0742
An Act to Honor Dairy Farmers' Right to Know.
LD 2069 -- -- SP0768
An Act to Improve Public Health Protection Against Rabies Infection.
LD 2172 -- -- SP0802
Original Title: An Act to Provide for the Licensing of Farmstead Cheese.
New Title An Act to Provide for the Licensing, Inspection and Labeling of Farmstead Cheese.
LD 2194 -- -- HP1563
An Act to Change the Name of the Knox Agricultural Society.
LD 2217 -- -- HP1586
An Act to Authorize the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Lands to Grant a License for Groundwater Extraction at Range Ponds State Park. (GOVERNOR'S BILL).
LD 2236 -- -- HP1609
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 501: Exemptions to Fire Bans and Permit Requirements for Outdoor Fireplaces and Grills, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Conservation.
LD 2254 -- -- HP1626
Resolve, Authorizing Certain Land Transactions by the Bureau of Parks and Lands. (GOVERNOR'S BILL).
LD 2264 -- -- HP1634
An Act to Promote and Encourage the Cultivation of Cranberries in the State.