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First Regular Session
December 4, 1996 - March 27, 1997
First Special Session

March 27, 1997 - June 20, 1997

Compiled by the Legislative Information Office & the Office of Information Services under the auspices of the Legislative Council


The History and Final Disposition of Legislative Documents includes a summary of the Legislature's action on all legislative documents considered during the First Special and First Regular Sessions of the 118th Legislature. The First Regular Session, which convened on December 4, 1996, adjourned on March 27, 1997, and the First Special Session convened on that same day. Public Laws, Chapters 1 through 65, Private and Special Laws, Chapters 1 through 9, and Resolves, Chapters 1 through 11 were all passed during the First Regular Session. Pursuant to HP 1186, all matters in the possession of the Legislature at the time of adjournment were held over to the next special or regular session of the 118th Legislature. L.D.’s 1 through 1694 were printed during the First Regular Session, all others were printed during the First Special Session.

This document is produced from information which is compiled by the Legislative Information Office throughout the legislative session and maintained on a computerized bill status system. Status information is available through designated public computer terminals located throughout the State House and by remote access on a subscription basis through the Legislature's Information Network (LINK). Weekly printed reports are also available on a subscription basis through the Clerk of the House.

The primary listing of legislative documents in these pages are organized by the joint standing committee to which bills were referred in the First Regular and First Special Sessions. Although the majority of bills and resolves were introduced during the First Regular Session, many were not finally acted on until the First Special Session. These pages, therefore, are the combined the work of the two sessions; thus, there is a single section for each committee. The following information is included for each legislative document:

  • Legislative document number
  • House or Senate paper number
  • Sponsor and cosponsors
  • Public hearing date
  • Committee report
  • Amendments adopted in the House and Senate
  • Final disposition of the legislative document

The History and Final Disposition of Legislative Documents is a summary report only and does not replace the official Senate and House journals or the actual legislative documents. If more detailed information about the status of bills or their contents is desired, please contact:

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