LD 5 -- HP0008
An Act to Amend the Election Laws Concerning Vacancies in the Office of State Representative.
LD 7 -- HP0010
An Act to Allow the Town of Old Orchard Beach to Operate High-stakes Beano.
LD 20 -- SP0022
An Act to Clarify the Law Concerning Evictions from Mobile Home Parks.
LD 59 -- HP0034
An Act to Authorize Actions under the Unfair Trade Practices Act Regarding Habitability of Dwelling Units.
LD 72 -- HP0047
An Act Regarding the Timely Filing of Campaign Reports by Candidates for State Office.
LD 79 -- HP0054
An Act to Restrict the Size of Political Signs.
LD 89 -- HP0064
An Act to Prohibit the Gathering of Signatures at a Polling Place.
LD 115 -- HP0091
An Act to Amend the Treatment of Security Deposits to Provide a Remedy for Failure to Comply.
LD 205 -- HP0163
An Act to Exempt Family Entertainment Centers from Gambling Prohibitions.
LD 238 -- HP0185
An Act to Prohibit Legislators from Accepting Gifts from Lobbyists.
LD 239 -- HP0186
An Act to Require Picture Identification to be Used by Persons Registering to Vote on Election Day.
LD 247 -- HP0194
An Act to Reduce the Hours Required of the Registrar to Register Voters Prior to Election Day.
LD 250 -- HP0197
An Act Relating to the Collection of Initiative Petition Signatures at Polling Places.
LD 254 -- HP0201
Original Title: Resolve, Authorizing Robert O'Malley to Sue the State.
New Title Resolve, Compensating Robert O'Malley for Claims Against the State.
LD 255 -- HP0202
Original Title: An Act to Repeal the Requirement That Race Tracks Be Assigned Certain Race Dates.
New Title An Act to Consider the Horse Supply in the Assignment of Race Dates.
LD 257 -- HP0204
An Act to Amend the Liquor Laws.
LD 267 -- SP0087
An Act Regarding the Redistricting of Ogunquit.
LD 278 -- HP0214
An Act to Allow Candidates' Presence at Voting Places Solely for the Purpose of Voting.
LD 280 -- HP0216
An Act Regarding Opening Hours of Voting Places.
LD 312 -- HP0248
An Act to Remove Instant Lottery Ticket Vending Machines.
LD 339 -- HP0275
An Act to Establish Maine as a Sponsor of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery.
LD 376 -- SP0097
An Act to Eliminate the Requirement That Agency Liquor Stores Be a Certain Distance Apart.
LD 381 -- SP0102
An Act to Restrict Circulators of Initiated Petitions from Being within 250 Feet of Voting Places.
LD 383 -- SP0104
An Act to Clarify the Reporting Responsibility of Lobbyists.
LD 387 -- SP0108
An Act to Amend the Laws Pertaining to Wine Tasting.
LD 406 -- SP0127
An Act to Amend the Election Laws Pertaining to Absentee Ballots.
LD 424 -- SP0145
Original Title: Resolve, Authorizing the Theta Chi Building Association to File with the Secretary of State as a Nonprofit Corporation.
New Title Resolve, Recognizing the Theta Chi Building Association as a Nonprofit Corporation.
LD 440 -- HP0318
An Act to Require Responsibility of the Employers of Persons who Collect Signatures.
LD 484 -- SP0155
An Act Relating to Alcohol Beverage Price Promotions and Price Posting.
LD 496 -- SP0167
An Act to Eliminate the Requirement of Cash on Delivery for Beer and Wine Sales to Businesses.
LD 501 -- SP0172
An Act to Prohibit Political Action Committee and Corporate Contributions in State Elections.
LD 512 -- HP0367
An Act to Prohibit Liquor Licensing of an Establishment Managed by a Person with a Criminal Record.
LD 526 -- HP0381
An Act to Establish a Part-time Liquor License.
LD 531 -- HP0386
An Act to Repeal the Requirement That Special Hours Be Set for Walk-in Voter Registration.
LD 557 -- HP0412
An Act to Amend Certain Election Laws Regarding Voter Registration.
LD 563 -- SP0180
An Act to Clarify Enforcement Provisions of the Gambling Laws.
LD 574 -- HP0424
Resolve, to Authorize the Secretary of State to Propose Legislation to Establish Package Stores for the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.
LD 576 -- HP0426
An Act to Increase the Number of High-stakes Beano Games.
LD 589 -- HP0439
An Act to Amend the Mobile Home Park Laws Regarding Sales of Homes.
LD 606 -- SP0188
An Act to Amend the Off-track Betting Laws as They Pertain to Reduced Payments for Small Market Licensees.
LD 613 -- HP0450
An Act to Allow Primary Elections to Be Held on Saturdays.
LD 614 -- HP0451
Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State to Create a Pilot Project to Establish Voting by Mail.
LD 615 -- HP0452
An Act Concerning the Removal of Campaign Signs.
LD 638 -- HP0467
An Act to Amend the Law Regarding the Sale of Alcohol on Golf Courses.
LD 646 -- HP0475
An Act to Limit Corporate Contributions and to Establish Voluntary Spending Limits for Citizen-Initiated Ballot Campaigns.
LD 672 -- SP0213
An Act to Prohibit the State Auditor and Constitutional Officers from Engaging in Political Fund-raising Activities.
LD 695 -- HP0504
An Act to Amend Security Deposit Provisions for Residential Rental Units.
LD 708 -- HP0517
An Act to Protect Small, Independent Businesses Not Meeting Minimum Lottery Sales Requirements.
LD 719 -- HP0528
An Act to Provide Certain Renters with the Status of Tenant at Will.
LD 723 -- HP0532
An Act to Establish a Residential Care Facility for Veterans in Washington County.
LD 731 -- HP0540
An Act to Aid Municipalities by Eliminating Same Day Registration.
LD 740 -- HP0549
An Act to Permit the Temporary Removal of Gravestones from Cemeteries for the Purpose of Repair.
LD 778 -- HP0587
Resolve, to Create a Voluntary Commission to Study the Integrity of Political Advertisements and Their Effect on the Voters.
LD 782 -- HP0591
An Act to Ensure the Availability of Expertise on Dam Safety.
LD 817 -- SP0248
An Act Relating to the Use of Public Offices or Agency Facilities in Campaigns and Ballot Questions.
LD 824 -- SP0255
An Act to Allow Limited Partnerships between Brewers and Wholesalers.
LD 845 -- HP0620
An Act to Prohibit the Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate from Participating in Political Activities while in Office.
LD 850 -- HP0625
An Act to Reduce the Time Political Signs May Be Placed in the Public Right-of-Way.
LD 864 -- HP0639
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Clarify Voting Rights.
LD 867 -- SP0259
An Act to Clarify the Requirement for Party Affiliation of Replacement Candidates.
LD 881 -- SP0273
An Act to Impose Liability Upon Persons Who Entrust Motor Vehicles to Unsafe Drivers.
LD 884 -- SP0276
An Act to Reimburse Philip Wolley for Litigation Expenses Incurred in Connection with His Termination and Reinstatement as a State Employee.
LD 885 -- SP0277
An Act to Amend the Qualifications of the Administrator of the Maine Veterans' Homes.
LD 898 -- HP0645
An Act to Repeal the Presidential Primary.
LD 921 -- HP0669
An Act to Amend the Laws Regarding Beano and Bingo.
LD 924 -- HP0672
An Act to Clarify the Responsibilities of Directors of Nonprofit Corporations BY REQUEST.
LD 936 -- HP0684
An Act to Permit Voters to Affirmatively Vote against All Named Candidates.
LD 949 -- SP0298
An Act Regarding the Wording of Ballot Questions.
LD 965 -- HP0701
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Provide for a Passamaquoddy Representative District.
LD 970 -- HP0706
An Act to Put to Referendum the Option of Authorizing a Tribe-owned Casino.
LD 971 -- HP0707
An Act to Protect Private Enterprise from Tax-subsidized Competition.
LD 977 -- HP0713
An Act to Establish the Rider Safety Act.
LD 986 -- HP0722
An Act to Allow Independent Voters to Vote in Primary Elections.
LD 989 -- HP0725
An Act to Grandfather Existing Structures in Relation to Fire Doors and Exits.
LD 1004 -- HP0740
Original Title: An Act to Provide Equal Political Rights for Classified State Employees.
New Title An Act to Provide Equal Political Rights for Employees.
LD 1029 -- HP0752
An Act to Provide Fairness in Ballot Access BY REQUEST.
LD 1047 -- HP0770
An Act to Prohibit Persons Registering to Vote from Voting unless they Provide Adequate Identification.
LD 1056 -- SP0316
An Act to Authorize Courts to Suspend Driving Privileges for Youth Who Violate Tobacco Laws.
LD 1072 -- HP0784
An Act Pertaining to the Sanford National Guard Armory.
LD 1075 -- HP0787
An Act to Protect the Reputation of Candidates for Public Office.
LD 1094 -- HP0806
An Act to Prohibit the Sale of Kegs of Beer to Individuals BY REQUEST.
LD 1146 -- HP0841
Resolve, to Authorize Robert Gray or His Legal Representative to Bring a Civil Action against the State in Order to Investigate Errors Made by State Officials That Caused Children to Erroneously Believe They Had Been the Victims of a Crime.
LD 1161 -- HP0856
An Act to Extend Political Party Status to 4 Years.
LD 1170 -- SP0351
An Act to Amend Department of Defense and Veterans' Affairs Laws.
LD 1172 -- SP0353
An Act Regarding the Funded Depreciation Accounts of the Maine Veterans' Homes.
LD 1212 -- HP0895
An Act to Strengthen Legislative Ethics Laws.
LD 1261 -- HP0918
An Act Concerning Public Notice of Lottery Odds.
LD 1270 -- SP0385
Resolve, to Waive Sovereign Immunity and Tort Claims Limitation on Damages Relative to the Wrongful Death of Wrendy Hayne.
LD 1297 -- SP0402
An Act Pertaining to Free Meals for Legislators during a Prayer Breakfast.
LD 1300 -- SP0405
An Act to Increase the Number of Signatures Required for a Name to Appear on the Ballot for Certain Offices.
LD 1306 -- HP0943
An Act to Place Certain Restrictions on Persons Collecting Signatures on Election Day.
LD 1316 -- HP0953
An Act to Remove Restrictions on Items that May Be Auctioned by Public Broadcasting Stations.
LD 1317 -- HP0954
An Act to Prohibit Party Change While in Public Office.
LD 1342 -- SP0421
An Act to Improve Procedures for Citizen Referenda and Initiatives.
LD 1350 -- HP0970
An Act to Require the Printing of the Toll-free Telephone Number of the Council on Compulsive Gambling on all Lottery Tickets Sold in the State.
LD 1360 -- HP0980
An Act Allowing Political Parties to Nominate by Caucus or Convention.
LD 1361 -- HP0981
An Act to Amend the Laws Concerning Commercial Tenancies.
LD 1376 -- SP0428
An Act to Improve the State's Democracy by Increasing Access to the Ballot and Other Election Processes.
LD 1389 -- HP0997
An Act to Allow Partially Consumed Bottles of Wine to be Taken from Restaurants.
LD 1390 -- HP0998
An Act to Protect the Voting Rights of Stalking Victims.
LD 1446 -- HP1029
An Act to Require That Campaign Finance Reports Be Considered Filed on the Date They Are Postmarked.
LD 1458 -- HP1041
An Act to Ensure Integrity in Government by Prohibiting Contributions when the Legislature Is in Session.
LD 1515 -- HP1078
An Act to Allow Unenrolled Voters to Serve as Election Workers at Polls.
LD 1520 -- HP1083
An Act to Amend Various Election Laws.
LD 1532 -- HP1089
An Act to Amend the Maine Liquor Liability Act.
LD 1547 -- HP1104
An Act to Require that All State-owned Flag Poles Fly the Prisoner-of-war Flag.
LD 1549 -- HP1106
An Act to Promote Microbreweries.
LD 1550 -- HP1107
An Act to Prohibit Landlords from Collecting Rent More than 3 Months in Advance.
LD 1563 -- SP0501
An Act to Allow Wine to Be Ordered by Mail BY REQUEST.
LD 1572 -- SP0510
An Act to Make Technical Changes in the Laws Relating to the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.
LD 1630 -- SP0525
An Act to Amend the Campaign Finance Reform Laws.
LD 1650 -- HP1173
An Act to Optimize the Utility of the 5 Maine Veterans' Homes.
LD 1655 -- SP0536
An Act to Prohibit Fund-raising Efforts and Certain Contributions to Legislators while the Legislature is in Session.
LD 1676 -- HP1185
An Act to Preserve Live Harness Racing in the State.
LD 1683 -- SP0557
An Act to Clarify Issuance of the Writ of Possession.
LD 1731 -- SP0574
An Act to Amend the Election Laws.
LD 1756 -- HP1239
An Act Regarding the Economic Security and Safety of Harness Horsepersons.
LD 1773 -- SP0594
Resolve, Directing the Maine State Housing Authority to Recommend Certain Safety Standards.
LD 1781 -- HP1254
An Act to Create the Maine Scholarship Lottery Game.
LD 1799 -- HP1273
An Act to Privatize Liquor Sales.
LD 1818 -- HP1281
An Act to Strengthen Existing Lobbying Laws.
LD 1827 -- SP0624
An Act to Authorize the Operation of Video Gaming Terminals by Certain Nonprofit Organizations.
LD 1828 -- SP0626
An Act to Preserve Financial Integrity of the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations.
LD 1846 -- HP1303
An Act to Prohibit the Opening of Liquor Stores on the Maine Turnpike.
LD 1856 -- HP1308
An Act to Allow Private Labeling of Wine for On-premise Consumption.
LD 1864 -- HP1313
An Act to Implement the Majority Recommendation of the Harness Racing Task Force. (GOVERNOR'S BILL).
LD 1865 -- HP1314
An Act to Implement the Recommendation of the Harness Racing Task Force Requiring an Executive Director of the State Harness Racing Commission. (GOVERNOR'S BILL).
LD 1866 -- HP1315
An Act to Allow the Maine Harness Racing Commission to Issue Conditional Licenses. (GOVERNOR'S BILL).
LD 1868 -- HP1318
An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Harness Racing Task Force. (GOVERNOR'S BILL).
LD 1876 -- HP1327
Resolve, to Allow Certain Employees to Continue to Sue the State to Recover Wages Improperly Denied under Federal Wage and Hour Laws.
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