123rd Maine Legislature - Second Regular Sesson
Appealed Requests Arranged By Sponsor

Sponsor: Senator Bartlett

LR: 2902

An Act To Promote Home Energy Conservation

LR: 3109

An Act To Clarify Maine's "Do Not Call" Law

Sponsor: Senator Benoit

LR: 3001

Resolve, To Allow John Jorgenson To Sue the State

LR: 3174

An Act To Facilitate Behavioral Reform within the Department of Corrections

Sponsor: Representative Boland

LR: 2957

An Act To Inform Patients of Their Right To Decline To Be Vaccinated

Sponsor: Senator Brannigan

LR: 2989

An Act To Establish a Consumer Council System of Maine Consistent with the Riverview

Psychiatric Center Consent Decree and the State's Comprehensive Mental Health Plan

LR: 3100

An Act To Clarify the Election of Municipal Charter Commission Members

LR: 3346

An Act To Require Teaching of Mental Health Awareness in Maine's Middle Schools

Sponsor: Senator Bromley

LR: 3147

An Act To Allow Direct-to-consumer Wine Sales

LR: 3182

An Act Regarding the Board of Examiners in Physical Therapy

Sponsor: Representative Browne

LR: 2970

An Act To Designate Certain Rules of the Bureau of State Police as Major Substantive Rules

Sponsor: Representative Bryant, M.

LR: 3325

An Act To Direct the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the University of

Maine To Develop a Methodology To Reduce the Population of Deer Ticks

Sponsor: Representative Burns

LR: 2878

An Act To Allow the Use of Municipal Equipment on Private Roads for Emergency Access

Sponsor: Representative Cain

LR: 3254

An Act To Expand the Membership of the Juniper Ridge Landfill Advisory Committee To

Include a Member from Orono

Sponsor: Representative Canavan

LR: 2807

An Act To Amend the Law Governing Membership on the Commission on Governmental

Ethics and Election Practices

LR: 2923

An Act To Facilitate the Diversion of Persons with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Away

from Incarceration through the Co-occurring Disorders Court

LR: 2924

An Act To Establish an Ombudsman for Mentally Ill Inmates

Sponsor: Representative Carter

LR: 3027

An Act To Establish a Combination Spirits License

LR: 3051

An Act Regarding Off-road Diesel Fuel

Sponsor: Representative Cebra

LR: 3117

An Act To Require Municipal Reporting of Urban-Rural Initiative Program Funds Spending

LR: 3118

An Act To Require Municipal Reporting Regarding Expenditures of Excise Tax Revenue for

Road Projects

Sponsor: Representative Chase

LR: 3371

An Act To Make Maine Turnpike Tolls More Equitable

Sponsor: Representative Clark

LR: 2787

An Act To Amend the Plan for the Consolidation of School Administrative Units

LR: 2857

An Act To Protect the Rights of Leaseholders

LR: 2901

An Act To Grant Step-parents the Same Rights as Biological Parents

Sponsor: Representative Cleary

LR: 3252

An Act To Reward Environmentally Efficient Tractor-trailer Trucks

Sponsor: Senator Courtney

LR: 2778

An Act To Provide Ongoing Funding for the Historic Preservation Tax Credit

LR: 3203

An Act To Increase the Penalty for Operating under the Influence

Sponsor: Representative Craven

LR: 2837

An Act To Encourage Access to Respite Care Services for Maine Families with Behavioral

Health Needs

LR: 3025

An Act To Enact the Homeless Youth Act of 2008

Sponsor: Speaker Cummings

LR: 2890

An Act To Improve the Health of Maine Communities and Reduce Emergency Care Burdens

LR: 3332

An Act To Authorize the City of Portland To Lease Submerged Lands for Longer than 30


Sponsor: Senator Damon

LR: 2888

An Act Regarding Axle Weight on Tri-axle Farm Trucks

LR: 3263

An Act To Make Marine Resources Management More Responsive

Sponsor: President Edmonds

LR: 3249

Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Promote Awareness of

Parkinson's Disease

Sponsor: Representative Faircloth

LR: 3326

An Act To Clarify the Rights and Obligations of Regional School Units Concerning the

Transfer and Subsequent Reassignment of Teachers and Other Employees

Sponsor: Representative Fischer

LR: 3125

An Act Regarding Storm Water Standards for York's of Houlton

Sponsor: Representative Fletcher

LR: 2919

An Act Regarding Private Line Construction

LR: 2922

An Act To Require Legislative Approval of Department of Environmental Protection Rules

Implementing the Carbon Dioxide Cap-and-trade Program of the Regional Greenhouse Gas

Initiative Act of 2007

Sponsor: Representative Flood

LR: 2980

An Act To Repeal the Cap on Rental Rates for State Submerged Lands

Sponsor: Representative Gerzofsky

LR: 3030

An Act To More Quickly Reopen Clam Flats

Sponsor: Representative Giles

LR: 2914

An Act To Establish the Wellness Tax Credit

Sponsor: Representative Grose

LR: 3126

An Act To Provide Relief to the Counties of the State

Sponsor: Representative Haskell

LR: 3002

An Act To Amend the Public Works Contractors' Surety Bond Law

LR: 3097

An Act To Authorize Municipal Licensing Boards under the Liquor Laws

Sponsor: Senator Hastings

LR: 2788

An Act To Amend the Informed Growth Act

LR: 3059

An Act To Clarify the Population Density Parameter under the Laws Governing School

Administrative Unit Consolidation

LR: 3196

An Act To Establish the Transition Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2008-09

Sponsor: Representative Jackson

LR: 2874

An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Energy Drinks to Minors

LR: 3184

An Act To Provide a Tax Credit for Businesses and Homeowners Who Build Windmills

Sponsor: Representative Knight

LR: 2737

An Act To Amend the Laws Pertaining to Road Associations

Sponsor: Representative Koffman

LR: 3000

An Act To Restore Maine's Status as a Premier Fishing Destination

LR: 3207

An Act To Reduce Litter, Preserve Landfill Space and Protect Wildlife Habitat

Sponsor: Representative MacDonald

LR: 2800

An Act To Eliminate the Requirement That a Community Raise 2 Mills for Education


Sponsor: Representative Makas

LR: 2750

An Act To Require Correct Labeling of Out-of-state Bypass Waste

LR: 2765

An Act To Control the Costs of College Textbooks

LR: 2867

An Act To Provide Education on Internet Safety

Sponsor: Representative Marley

LR: 2770

An Act To Repeal the Annual Indexing of the Fuel Tax

LR: 2773

Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Study the Corrosive Effects of

Chemicals Used by the Department in Inclement Weather

LR: 2790

An Act To Establish a Credit To Offset the Harbor Maintenance Tax

Sponsor: Senator Marrache

LR: 2895

Resolve, To Require that the Department of Economic and Community Development

Establish an Independent Review Board

Sponsor: Senator Martin

LR: 3063

An Act To Consolidate the Cultural Agencies To Promote Accountability and

Citizen-centered Delivery of Services

Sponsor: Representative Millett

LR: 3335

An Act To Clarify the Filing Requirements for Certain Not-for-profit Whitewater Rafting


Sponsor: Representative Mills, J.

LR: 3180

An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Dumpster" as Used in the Maine Tort Claims Act

Sponsor: Senator Mills, P.

LR: 3062

An Act To Facilitate the Formation of the Northwest Maine Regional School Unit

LR: 3361

An Act To Authorize Low-stakes Cribbage Games at Charitable and Fraternal Organizations

LR: 3363

Resolve, To Establish a Statewide Protocol for the Early Detection and Treatment of Autism

Sponsor: Representative Miramant

LR: 2739

An Act To Require That a Person Who Testifies before a Committee Must Be Sworn In

LR: 2815

An Act To Provide Equity in Reimbursement for Health Care Services

Sponsor: Representative Moore, G.

LR: 2975

An Act To Exempt Commercial Logging Equipment from the State Sales Tax

Sponsor: Senator Nass, R.

LR: 2839

An Act To Require That Persons Who Perform Engineering Work in Commercial Buildings

Be Licensed

LR: 3092

An Act Relating to Access on Private Roads

LR: 3142

An Act To Amend the School Funding Formula To Facilitate School District Consolidation

Sponsor: Senator Nutting, J.

LR: 3151

An Act To Prohibit Bicyclists from Passing Stopped School Buses

Sponsor: Representative Pendleton

LR: 2987

Resolve, To Determine Methods of Securing a Trained Laboratory Workforce for Maine

LR: 3265

An Act To Reduce Municipal Property Taxes

LR: 3275

An Act To Protect Nurses from Mandatory Overtime and Other Requirements

Sponsor: Representative Percy

LR: 3031

An Act To Equalize the Tax Burden for Education across Municipalities of the Lower

Kennebec River Area

Sponsor: Representative Perry, A.

LR: 2884

An Act To Clarify the Status of Household Pharmaceuticals Collected for Disposal

Sponsor: Representative Pieh

LR: 3026

An Act Concerning Animal Welfare

LR: 3034

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal

Justice Academy

Sponsor: Representative Pilon

LR: 2795

An Act To Alter the Method of Calculating the Excise Tax on Automobiles

Sponsor: Representative Pinkham

LR: 3152

An Act To Authorize County Commissioners To Enact Ordinances To Provide Road

Services and Maintenance

Sponsor: Senator Plowman

LR: 2863

Resolve, To Create a Commission To Study the Real Estate Holdings of the Department of


LR: 2864

An Act To Encourage the Education of All Maine Students

Sponsor: Representative Pratt

LR: 3236

An Act To Secure Access to Publicly Owned Lands

Sponsor: Representative Priest

LR: 2752

An Act To Protect Homeowners from Equity Stripping during Foreclosures

Sponsor: Senator Raye

LR: 2943

An Act To Allow a Municipality To Withdraw from a School Administrative Unit in Order To

Join a Regional School Unit

LR: 3057

An Act To Give Municipalities Control of Mussels Located in Intertidal Zones

LR: 3112

An Act To Address Taxation of Severance Pay

Sponsor: Representative Robinson

LR: 3124

An Act To Ensure Digital Telephone Access in Rural Areas

Sponsor: Senator Rosen, R.

LR: 2967

An Act To Enhance Flexibility for the Employment of Personnel in Regional School Units

LR: 3041

An Act To Exempt Host Municipalities from Financial Obligations as a Result of Offering

Secondary School Choice within Regional School Units

Sponsor: Representative Savage, D.

LR: 3053

An Act To Adjust the Excise Tax on Motor Vehicles

LR: 3054

An Act To Create a Sales-tax-free Weekend

LR: 3055

An Act To Require the Purchaser To Pay All Property Taxes

LR: 3306

An Act To Require Insurance Carriers To Pay a Minimum Amount for Emergency Treatment

LR: 3311

Resolve, To More Clearly Define Vernal Pools and What the Best Distances Are for


Sponsor: Representative Saviello

LR: 3008

Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Adopt Rules Governing

the Use of Lakes by Licensed Child Care Facilities

Sponsor: Representative Schatz

LR: 2796

An Act To Repeal the Consolidation of School Administrative Units Law

LR: 2797

An Act To Extend the Deadline for School Administrative Unit Consolidation

LR: 2798

An Act To Remove Penalties from the School Administrative Unit Consolidation Law

LR: 2850

An Act To Allow Law Enforcement Agencies To Use Devices That Record a Vehicle's Speed

and License Plate Number in Order To Reduce Speeding

LR: 2851

An Act To Allow Regional School Units To Be Organized as School Unions

LR: 2979

An Act To Allow a Regional School Unit with More than One Secondary School To Charge

Different Tuition Rates

LR: 3204

An Act To Repeal the Premium Imposed on Motor Vehicle Oil Changes

Sponsor: Senator Smith, D.

LR: 3116

An Act To Repeal the School District Consolidation Laws

LR: 3168

An Act To Reduce Income Tax Rates

LR: 3169

An Act To Create Tax Equity for Working Spouses

LR: 3355

An Act To Postpone the Effects and Implementation of the School District Consolidation

Law for One Year

LR: 3366

An Act To Facilitate Formation of the Northwest Maine Regional School Unit

LR: 3367

An Act To Cap the Additional Charge on All Motor Vehicle Oil Changes

Sponsor: Representative Smith, N.

LR: 3166

An Act To Ensure That State Policies Promote Sustainable Development To Enhance

Communities, Reduce the Cost of Government and Achieve State Climate Goals

LR: 3181

An Act Regarding the Maine Regulatory Fairness Board

Sponsor: Senator Strimling

LR: 2753

An Act To Require the State To Divest Itself of Funds from Companies Doing Business with


Sponsor: Senator Sullivan

LR: 2820

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Bottle Redemption and Establish the Department of

Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources as the Agent in the State for Purposes of Bottle


LR: 3368

An Act To Amend the Insurance Scoring and Rerating Laws

Sponsor: Representative Sykes

LR: 2782

An Act To Impose a Horsepower Restriction for Boat Motors on Long Lake and Brandy Pond

LR: 2972

An Act To Prohibit the Retail Sale or Distribution of Novelty Lighters

Sponsor: Representative Thomas

LR: 2847

An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Wetlands and Wildlife Habitats

LR: 2985

An Act To Establish an Exemption from the Premium Imposed on Motor Vehicle Oil


LR: 3058

An Act To Amend the Law Governing the Superpack Hunting License

Sponsor: Representative Trinward

LR: 3315

Resolve, To Study Community Child Care Alternatives

Sponsor: Senator Turner

LR: 2916

An Act To Provide a State Income Tax Credit to Dentists for Military Pensions

LR: 3338

An Act Regarding the Training of Applicants for a Limited Radiographer License by Licensed


Sponsor: Representative Tuttle

LR: 2757

An Act To Allow the Maine Athletic Commission To Regulate Mixed Martial Art

Competitions in the State

LR: 2823

An Act Regarding the Use of MaineCare Insurance during Catastrophic Illness

LR: 3038

An Act To Improve the Working Conditions, Health and Personal Safety of Dispatchers at

the Maine State Police Barracks in Gray, Maine

LR: 3040

Resolve, Directing Maine Emergency Medical Services To Study Methods To Protect

Emergency Medical Services Personnel during the Transportation of Persons with Mental


Sponsor: Representative Wagner

LR: 2978

Resolve, To Change the Name of the South Bridge between Lewiston and Auburn

Sponsor: Representative Walker

LR: 2845

An Act To Establish the Maine Nuclear Power Council

Sponsor: Representative Watson

LR: 2779

An Act To Require Boating Safety Education

Sponsor: Representative Webster

LR: 3048

An Act To Protect Shellfish Waters and Shellfish Resources from Coastal Pollution

Sponsor: Representative Wheeler

LR: 3312

An Act To Amend the Hunting Season for Ruffed Grouse

Total number of appealed requests: 134

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