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John Appleton

Nathan Clifford
Alonzo Garcelon
Wyman Moor
Joesph Symonds
Ezekiel Whitman
William Williamson

Historial portraits : Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library

A full inventory of portraits hanging  in the State House is available in the Law Library's reference collection. 

John Appleton
Portrait presented in October 1900 by his son, Hon. Frederick H. Appleton, of Bangor. Artist unknown. 

7/12/1804  Born in New Ipswich, NH
1818-1822 Attended, and graduated from, Bowdoin College where his uncle Jesse was President.
1822-1826 Studied law in Groton, MA then Alfred, ME. Admitted to the Bar in Amherst, NH
1826-1832 Practiced law briefly in Dixmont then Sebec, then moved to Bangor
1852-1862 Appointed Associate Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court
1862-1883 Chief Justice
7/7/1891    Died in Bangor



Nathan Clifford
Portrait purchased at auction in 2001. Artist unknown.

8/18/1803 Born in Rumney, NH
1827 Admitted to the bar. Practiced in Newfield, ME
1830-1833 Maine House of Representatives. Speaker last two years
1834-1837 Maine Attorney General
1838  U.S. Congressional Representative. Served two terms
1846-1848 U.S. Attorney General
1848  Peace Commissioner to Mexico
1858-1881 New England seat on U.S. Supreme Court
7/25/1881 Died in Cornish, ME


portrait of Alonzo Garcelon


Alonzo Garcelon
Portrait painted by D.D. Coombs, Mechanic Falls, in 1909.

5/6/1813 Born in Lewiston
1836 Graduated Bowdoin College
1839 Graduated Medical College of Ohio in Cincinnati and returned to Lewiston to start his medical practice
1847 Started the Lewiston Journal with W.H. Waldron
1853-1854 Maine House of Representatives
1855-1856 Maine Senate
1857-1858 Maine House of Representatives
1871 Mayor of Lewiston
1/8/1879-1/17/1880 Governor (elected by the Legislature)

Died in Medford, MA


Wyman Moor portrait



Wyman Bradbury Seavy Moor

11/11/1811 Born in Watrville, ME
1835 Admitted to the Maine Bar and practiced law in Waterville
1839 Maine House of Representatives
1844-1848 Maine Attorney General. Moved to Bangor in 1847.
1/5/1848 - 6/7/1848 U.S. Senator (filled vacancy caused by death of John Fairfield until successor elected). Resumed law practice in Bangor.
1852 Returned to Waterville to practice law. Superintendent of construction of railroad from Waterville to Bangor.
1859-1861 Appointed by Pres. Buchanan as consel general to the British North American Provinces then returned to Waterville law practice.
1868 Purchased estate near Lynchburg, Va. and operated iron furnace.
3/10/1869 Died in Lynchburg. Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Waterville.


Joseph White Symonds
Portrait painted by Joseph deCamp, Cincinnati, OH, in 1901.

9/2/1840 Born in Raymond
1860 Graduated Bowdoin College
1863 Admitted to Bar, Portland
1868 Chosen city solicitor of Portland
1872-1878 Superior Court Judge, Cumberland County
1878-1884 Associate Justice, Maine Supreme Judicial Court
1884-1918 Practiced law in Portland
9/28/1918 Died in Bethlehem, NH 

Ezekiel Whitman portrait


Ezekiel Whitman

3/9/1776 Born in East Bridgewater, MA
1795 Graduated Brown University
1799 Admitted to the Bar of Plymouth County, then came to New Gloucester, Maine in April
1808 Elected to the U.S. Congress and served three terms
1816, 1819 Member of the constitutional conventions in Maine
1816, 1818, 1821 Served again in Congress
1822 Appointed Chief Justice, Court of Common Pleas (Maine) where he presided for about 20 years
1841-1848 Chief Justice of  the Maine Supreme Judicial Court
8/1/1866 Died in East Bridgewater, MA


William Durkee Williamson
Portrait painted from life by Jeremiah Pearson Hardy (1880-1888) in Bangor in 1821 while Williamson was a U.S. Representative

7/31/1779 Born in Canterbury, CT
1804 Graduated Brown University
1807 Admitted to the Bar and started a practice in Bangor
1811 County Attorney for Hancock Co.
1816-1820 Member of Mass. State Senate (until Maine's statehood)
1820, 1821 Maine Senate President
1821 Acting Governor after William King's resignation
1821-1823 U.S. Representative to 17th Congress
1824-1840 Probate Judge, Penobscot Co.
1838-1841 Bank commissioner
5/27/1846 Died in Bangor, ME

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