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Indian Representation through the years : Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library



Maine becomes a state. Previously it was a common practice for the two tribes to send unofficial Representatives to the Massachusetts state legislature.


Earliest record of Penobscot Nation sending an Indian Representative, chosen by custom or tribal law, to the Maine Legislature.


Earliest record of the Passamaquoddy Tribe sending an Indian Representative, chosen by custom or tribal law, to the Maine Legislature.

The Old and New Parties of the Penobscot Tribe reach an agreement to annually elect one member of the Tribe to represent them at the Legislature, but rivalry persists. (This according to Indian agent, George F. Dillingham's 1875 report, as recounted by Fanny Hardy Eckstorm in Old John Neptune and Other Maine Indian Shamans.)
Maine Legislature enacts the "Special Law" (Resolve 1866, ch. 36,  Resolve in relation to the Penobscot Tribe of Indians) which provides for election of the Tribal Representative to alternate year-to-year between the two parties.
Maine Opinion of the Attorney General.  Determination that a vacancy in the seat of the Representative of Penobscot Tribe due to death is to be filled by an appointment of the Tribal Governor and advice and consent of the Tribal Council. (December 3, 1970)
Joint Rule 206(3) was amended , by HP 356, to allow co-sponsorship of legislation pertaining to any issue.
Extending the full right to vote in the Legislature and committees to Indian Representatives would violate the U.S. and Maine constitutions, according to Me. Op. Atty. Gen. 99-1.

Publication of the Final report of the Committee to Address the Recognition of the Tribal Government Representatives of Maine's Sovereign Nations in the Legislature. Augusta, Me. : Office of Policy and Legal Analysis, 2000. Full-text


On Dec. 17 the adoption of S.P.13 amended Joint Rules 206(3) and 316 to include a representative to the Legislature from the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, beginning with the 2nd Regular Session of the 125th Legislature, which convened January 4, 2012.


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