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RSS feeds are a way to save time when checking for information from your favorite websites and online information sources. Instead of having to periodically check all of your favorite websites for updates, RSS feeds allow you to have the new information from all of those websites delivered right to your RSS reader. This lets you check only one place for information, rather than having to visit multiple websites.

An RSS feed "pushes" information to you from sources that you select. When the RSS feed is updated, you will automatically have access to the new content. Many news sources are now using RSS feeds to keep their subscribers in touch. RSS feeds are very flexible, and you can subscribe to them through your e-mail account, your web browser, or any number of hand-held and mobile devices. For more information on RSS feeds and for links to sites where you can download RSS feed readers for your computer or device, click here. To subscribe to the Law and Legislative Reference Library's "Front Page" RSS feed, click here.

Front Page QR Code A QR code is a handy way of getting you to a specific resource via your hand-held or mobile device. Think of it as a link encoded within a square. When you focus on the QR code with your hand-held or mobile device camera, you will be taken to the associated website or other information source. QR codes are easy to post, so people can use them to stay in touch when they are on the go. The QR code to the left will take you to the website for the Law and Legislative Reference Library's "Front Page" selected news service. You will see this QR code posted at various places around the State House and Cross Office Building.

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