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November 16, 2010 Jay Finegan, 287-1445
Rep. Sally Lewin named to LePage budget team

AUGUSTA – State Rep. Sally Lewin has been named to a bipartisan budget work group by Governor-elect Paul LePage. Maine’s incoming chief executive introduced his 10-member budget team on Nov. 16 at a State House news conference.

“I am deeply honored to be part of a distinguished group that will be developing the governor’s budget proposal for the next two years,” said Rep. Lewin (R-Eliot), who is completing her fourth legislative term and was term-limited from seeking reelection. “We have an extremely challenging assignment of balancing the budget in the face of an estimated $1 billion revenue shortfall without raising taxes or resorting to fiscal gimmicks.”

Rep. Lewin brings to the work group eight years of experience on the Health and Human Services Committee, which oversees the huge MaineCare program, the second-largest budget item after state support for schools.

“The new governor has put together a team that brings experience and expertise to budget issues in a variety of critical areas,” said Rep. Lewin. “We are fortunate to be chaired by Rep. Sawin Millett, who is finishing his fourth legislative term. Rep. Millett was the ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee, and I doubt there is anyone in the state who understands the budget better than he does. He has been very creative in making the best of bad fiscal situations in recent years.”

Rep. Lewin served on the York County budget committee for six years and spent 18 years on the Eliot budget committee. In addition to her role as the ranking Republican on the Health and Human Services Committee, she has served on the State of Maine Hospital Licensing Board; the Commission to Study Primary Care Medical Practice in Maine; the Commission on Substance Abuse; and the York Hospital board of trustees. In 2008, she received the Outstanding Legislative Advocacy Award from Adoptive & Foster Families of Maine.

The work group will craft a two-year budget that will be presented to the Legislature in late January. “We have little time to do an enormous amount of work,” Rep. Lewin said. “But the people of Maine should know that the governor-elect has assembled a very talented and capable team, with members from both parties, and we’re ready to get started.”

All members of the budget work group are serving on a volunteer basis.