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November 17, 2010 Jay Finegan, 287-1445
GOP leaders congratulate new House Democratic leadership

Rep. Nutting, nominee for Speaker, foresees good working relationship

AUGUSTA – House Republican leaders yesterday congratulated the new leaders of the House Democrats, Reps. Emily Cain and Terry Hayes, and promised to work together to move Maine forward.

“Representative Cain and I served together on the Appropriations Committee in the last Legislature,” said Rep. Bob Nutting (R-Oakland), the Republican nominee for Speaker of the House. “I developed a great respect for her judgment and her forthright approach to dealing with tough issues. We worked together hour after hour on budgets, always in a collegial atmosphere, and I know we will have a good working relationship in the new session.”

Rep. Phil Curtis (R-Madison), the incoming House majority leader, congratulated Reps. Cain and Hayes on their new positions and said he expects a cooperative attitude during the 125th Legislature. “Despite philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans, we all want what is best for the people of Maine,” he said. “We all recognize the serious problems we confront, particularly with the economy, and I expect to find some common ground on the best solutions. I look forward to working with them.”

Rep. Andre Cushing, the assistant majority leader-elect, said the Democrats selected a strong team to lead them into the new session. “Both Rep. Cain and Rep. Hayes are fine legislators, and I am optimistic about working with them on the myriad issues that come before the House,” said Rep. Cushing (R-Hampden).

“During the campaign season, Republicans and Democrats alike talked about our need to make Maine more business-friendly to help generate economic activity and create jobs.” he added. “A stronger economy is the answer to many of our problems. That issue will be central to the Republican agenda, and we will welcome Democratic support as we begin the job of building a prosperous future for the people of Maine.”