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Representative Alex R. Willette

Alex Willette is the State Representative for House District 7, which include the 10 towns of Castle Hill, Chapman, Hammond, Littleton, Mapleton, Masardis, Monticello, Wade, Washburn and Oxbow Plantation and part of the city of Presque isle. This district also includes the unorganized territory of Central Aroostook (including E Township).

He lives in Mapleton.

Rep. Willette has been appointed to the Transportation Committee for the 125th Legislature.

Rep. Willette has experience in Real Estate Sales and accounting. He is a graduate of Presque Isle High School and graduated from the University of Farmington in May of 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. The School Districts Rep. Willette represent are SAD 1, RSU 29/SAD 29, RSU/SAD 32 and E. Township.

Rep. Willette has community ties as a Master Mason with the Trinity lodge. He is an Eagle Scout with Troop 170 in Mapleton and 171 in Presque Isle.

When not serving his District, Rep. Willette enjoys U.S. and Maine History, Political History and Skiing.

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