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Rep. Susan Morissette

Representative Susan E. Morissette

Susan Morissette is the State Representative for House District 54, which includes part of Benton and Winslow. She lives in the town of Winslow with her spouse of 16 years, Bill. They have 4 children.

Rep. Morissette was chosen to serve her freshman term in the 125th Legislature on two committees. The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and the Insurance and Financial Services Committee.

Rep. Morissette has extensive studies at the University of Maine at Augusta in Social Services. She also has experience in Emergency Management with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Rep. Morissette has worked in education as a teacher and Ed. Tech. She also has been a small business owner, business consultant and is the Executive Director for non-profit organization.

Rep. Morissette lists her community involvements as Director of the National Community Service Project. She was also a Daily Point of Light recipient. She is also a

Committee member of the 2011 Waterville Maine State Firefighters Convention and the Waterville MS Walk.

Rep. Morissette represents school district AOS 92 and St. John's School.

She lists her personal interests as reading, travel, culture studies and community service.

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