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Date: 05/01/14

House Republicans Preparing for 'Veto Day'

Veto pen is mightier than liberal legislation at improving Maine's economy

AUGUSTA - House Republicans are preparing for "veto day" on Thursday, May 1. As the final day of the 2014 regular session of the Maine Legislature, it is the Legislature's chance to override or sustain vetoes issued by Republican Governor Paul LePage. As of Tuesday morning, there are 30 vetoes to take up.

"The Governor's veto authority is an important check on the majority in the Legislature," said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport. "For most of the past 40 years in Maine, politicians have grown government and raised taxes unabated. I think the Democrats see that pattern coming to an end and it frustrates them."

A poll released Monday by Rasmussen Reports found that only 28 percent of Mainers surveyed prefer a "more active government with more services and higher taxes" while an overwhelming 60 percent favored "smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes."

House Republicans have voted to sustain a strong majority of the Governor's vetoes during the 126th Legislature.

"For those who favor limited government, stopping bad legislation is just as important as passing good legislation," added Assistant House Republican Leader Alex Willette of Mapleton. "Liberal, big government policies just haven't been working for Maine over the past 40 years, and Republicans are committed to reforming our government and economy. Whether that's by passing welfare reform or stopping ObamaCare's welfare expansion with a veto, we'll continue to fight for reform."

Vetoed bills to be considered Thursday include welfare reform measures that the Democratic majority watered down into studies, a teacher evaluation plan, a bill to implement single-payer health care, an act to raise taxes on Maine businesses, controversial bills to cancel executive branch contracts, and the 2015 supplemental budget.

"Not all House Republicans will agree with the Governor 100 percent of the time on these bills, but we're all committed to the same goal of reforming Maine state government to be smaller, less costly, and more accountable," added Rep. Fredette. "Democratic politicians who say that the Governor should have been more involved in the process to prevent these vetoes are being disingenuous. Democrats rammed many extreme liberal bills through the Legislature on strict party lines, so they can't be surprised when this reform-minded Governor vetoes them."


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